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Car Accident Treatment & Care

This is where our specialized doctors come into play. With multiple locations across the Atlanta area, we focus on diagnosing and treating injuries that are commonly overlooked after a car accident.

You may not be away, but even minor car accidents can result in injuries like soft tissue damage, musculoskeletal issues, and whiplash. These types of injuries might not show symptoms immediately, but if left untreated, can develop into chronic pain or long-lasting complications.

We provide a thorough examination to identify any hidden injuries you may have sustained. We then craft a customized treatment plan to address these issues head-on, helping you avoid the pitfalls of untreated injuries.

How We Can Help You

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, it’s essential that you get medical attention right away.

At Hurt911, we’ll connect you the best car accident attorneys and schedule you with our preferred doctors at an office location that is convenient to you.

We will even assist you with transportation to and from the doctor when necessary.

All of this for no upfront costs! Our doctors work on a lien basis, we don’t get paid until your case is settled and we won’t hassle during the course of your case. 

Reach out to us right away for your free consultation.

At Hurt911 Our Doctors will work to ensure you recover

The Hurt 911 Process

Get Help.

We’ll set you up with an attorney and schedule your medical evaluation immediately

Get Treatment.

You’ll get treated at one of our convenient locations with no out of pocket costs to you

Get Better.

Continue your medical treatment per your doctor recommendations

Get Paid.

We will work with your lawyer to ensure you get the money you deserve


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