You must have heard that people have sustained injuries from slipping and falling. To be frank, slip and fall are among the most common kinds of personal injury accidents which might cause serious injuries to a person. These accidents can happen at any place. Just think that you might be walking in a mall and you slip suddenly on the slippery floor, you might be walking the aisle of a supermarket and fall down, you might be climbing stairs of a private property and suddenly slip and fall. The reason for slip and fall is not always known. Slipping and falling on a slippery floor is common and so is stumbling and falling on an uneven surface. What is common in all these situations is that one can be severely and seriously injured in these. If the accident happens on a third-party premises, you can claim for compensation for the injuries sustained. And for that, get in touch with a slip and fall lawyer near me.

Obligations of a Property Owner

We are The Hurt 911 Injury Group – one of the most popular law firms in Marietta, GA. We have the best slip and fall lawyer in Marietta, GA who can help you in getting the best compensations for injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident. Along with providing help to our clients, we also provide information to property owners so that they can keep their premises safe and secured. This is because property owners have certain obligations which they have to follow. Property owners must ensure that their premises are free from defects and hazards, which might be a cause for slip and fall accidents leading to serious injuries. Wet floors in departmental stores or grocery stores are also a major source of slip and fall accidents, and have caused injuries to many people. Sometimes, hazardous substances are there on the floors regarding which the property owner might be unaware and that might cause serious accidents. In some premises, the floor is broken and uneven, and the owner doesn’t care to repair the same. Many people have fallen on such floors and got severely injured.

How Can We Help You in Slip and Fall Accident?

If you have been a victim of slip and fall accident, we at The Hurt 911 Injury Group are there to help you in all possible ways so that you can get compensation against your claims. There are various clauses which need to be taken into consideration while filing a case for slip and fall accidents, and it is obvious that a common man will not know about such things. Our slip and fall lawyer in Marietta, GA is well versed with all the clauses and can present your case in the best manner. Right from filing the case to arranging all the documents to presenting the case in court, our lawyer will handle everything for you. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident in Marietta, GA, contact us immediately. You can reach to slip and fall lawyer near me (That’s us!) via telephone and email.

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