Get Help From Rideshare Accident Attorneys in Macon to Advocate for the Truth

Getting around a busy city like Macon is time-consuming, stressful, and costly. The rideshare services offer a cost-effective, safe, and feasible solution to the people of Macon so that they don’t need to deal with frustrating logistics of navigating Macon on their own. Anyone can call for a ride with ease with the help of a mobile application.

The passengers feel safe while using an Uber or Lyft service as they don’t need to drive. But, in many cases, the passengers get wrongly injured in a rideshare accident caused by the mistake of the driver or a third party.

How Do the Rideshare Accidents Take Place?

There are many factors that influence a rideshare accident. Studying the cases handled by the Uber and Lyft rideshare accident attorneys, they say that the most crucial reason comes back to someone acting negligently.

One of the most obvious reasons is the negligence of the rideshare driver, who is  responsible for driving safely. It is found by the rideshare accident attorneys that in most of the cases, a rideshare accident took place when the drivers were not obeying the traffic rules.

Distracted drivers are another reason for rideshare accidents. This occurs when the drivers take their eyes off the road or remove their hands from the wheel. Another issue with the rideshare drivers that causes accidents is fatigue while driving. Many rideshare drivers work for long shifts, and that leads to dozing off while driving.

An Uber and Lyft accident attorney in Macon handled many rideshare accident cases where a third-party driver or a third-party passenger was responsible for the accident. Other reasons causing a rideshare accident may include:

  • Poorly maintained rideshare vehicle
  • Faulty signals
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Ill-maintained brakes
  • Defective Vehicle

What Are the Policies of a Rideshare Accident?

The available insurance in a rideshare accident is a complex issue. The rideshare companies generally have different levels of coverage which are available at various stages of the ride. An Uber and Lyft rideshare accident lawyer has the required knowledge and understanding to learn through the discovery process which insurance policy is applicable in your case if you have been injured in a rideshare accident.

The rideshare accident attorneys also aggressively represent your interest to ensure that you get a fair conclusion from the settlement or trial.

Uber and Lyft have almost similar levels of insurance. When the driver mode is off, the lawyer might need to deal with the personal insurance of the driver. But when the driver mode is on, and the driver has accepted the ride, there is a level of insurance from the rideshare company. An Uber and Lyft accident attorney in Macon can analyze appropriately and assist you in getting a result.

How to File a Case Against the Rideshare Company?

Being a passenger of the rideshare and being a victim of the rideshare accident, you are entitled to bring a negligence claim against the driver and the rideshare company. You can win an amount that is subject to insurance coverage. According to the rideshare policies, the companies provide coverage to the victim based on the severity of the injuries.

Sometimes, when a third party is responsible for the accident, the victim may not need to file a lawsuit only against Uber or Lyft but also against the insurance company of the third-party driver, depending upon the situation.

The first step to take after being involved in an Uber or Lyft accident is to call The Hurt 911 Injury Group and seek medical attention. Don’t allow any other party involved in the accident to talk to you in the absence of police or an Uber and Lyft accident attorney in Macon. A police report is essential during the personal injury claim.


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