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car accident injuries
Car Accidents

5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

It’s not unusual to walk away from a car accident only to realize days later that you’ve been hurt. There is a rush of adrenaline immediately following a car crash. This lets the body feel

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chiropractic care

Chiropractic Care: Why Do You Need It?

Chiropractic care can help people from all walks of life deal with all kinds of pain. You might argue that going to the chiropractor requires time and money. However, you have to understand that visiting

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car accident
Car Accidents

Car Accident and Chiropractic Care

At Hurt911 Injury Centers, we have certified chiropractors focused on diagnosing and treating spinal injuries. Car accidents can distort your spine alignment, causing chronic back pain if not corrected. The spine is a central feature

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traffic accidents

Traffic Accidents in Georgia: What Causes Them?

According to the CDC, 1.35 million fatalities happen because of traffic accidents worldwide every year. When these accidents don’t cause deaths, they will typically lead to devastating injuries and excruciating pain. Traffic crash victims will

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