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We have a team of only the best Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We’ve spent our entire careers working with almost every single attorney in the ATL and we know which ones that have proven to yield the most compensation for our clients.Since most cars aren’t drive-able after an accident our attorneys will come to you!


We have a team of highly trained medical professionals to treat accident injury victims. Whether injured from a Car, Work, Slip and Fall accident, etc. we can help you! With a complete examination, a properly diagnosis of your accident injuries, and detailed documentation can be the difference between no financial settlement and one worth potentially millions of dollars.


We understand that if you were injured in a car accident your car probably isn’t in the best shape. That can make getting to the doctor difficult. Don’t worry about it. Call 1-800-HURT-911 immediately after your accident and we’ll arrange free transportation to & from our offices. We have offices all over Georgia so we’re sure it’s a location convenient to you.


You may be thinking that because you are seeing a doctor you’ll need to at least have a co-pay. That is not the case if you have been injured in an accident and come to a Hurt 911 Injury Center. There is ZERO out-of-pocket cost to be seen by a HURT 911 doctor. So what that means to you is simple – NO CHARGE TO YOU UNLESS WE WIN YOUR CASE!

Seek Help for Personal Injury Problems from the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in West End

Accidents and personal injuries are not uncommon. Sometimes these accidents take place from our fault or callousness, and sometimes they happen due to the negligence of others. When one’s own fault sustains the injury, nothing can be done. But when the damage takes place due to fault or negligence of others, compensation for the injuries can be claimed. If the damage is minor and not severe, it can be overlooked. But there are serious injuries in which the victim needs hospitalization and extensive medical treatment like surgery, etc. Such cases incur heavy expenses. Also, as the person is confined to bed, he cannot go to work, and loses in wages as well. Overall, such accidents bring physical, mental, and financial crisis on the victim and his/her family.

What To Do in Case of Such a Major Accident?

If you are a resident of West End and have been involved in a major accident, we are here to help you in all ways possible. We are 1-800-HURT911, a personal injury law firm in West End, and we have the best of personal injury lawyers in West End in our team and panel. We will listen to and understand your case, but before that, we make sure that you get proper treatment for your injuries. And for that, we have our personal injury doctors in West End who will take full care, and ensure that all your wounds and injuries are taken care of appropriately. The injuries are properly diagnosed, and the necessary care is provided so that your recovery process is accelerated. If required, further examinations and investigations are also suggested.

After you feel a little better and relaxed, our lawyers will talk to you personally about the case, and take down all the information that you provide. We request all our clients to provide us minutest details of the accident so that we can work on them and make our case stronger. We gather all required information from various sources and then draft your case to be produced in court. We will try to disturb you as little as possible because we know that complete rest will help you in recuperating from the injuries quickly. We will handle the case from scratch to the end for you.

Best of Personal Injury Attorneys in Our Team

One reason why most people in West End call 1-800-HURT911 for their claim settlement cases is because of our panel of expert personal injury attorneys. It is needless to say that we have the finest and the most experienced of personal injury lawyers in West End. Also, we have specific attorneys for different kinds of personal injury cases, and your matter will be referred to the respective attorney only. Along with being cordial and amiable, our attorneys take each case personally and handle it with utmost care so that you get the best compensation claim for your losses.

Reach out to us today if you need any help regarding personal injury claim settlement.


  • Injured in an accident. Call 1-800-HURT911 to speak to an attorney immediately.

  • You’ll be scheduled to come into one of our convenient locations and be treated with no out of pocket costs to you.

  • Continue your medical treatment per your doctor recommendations.

  • Continue your medical treatment and listen to both your doctor and lawyer so you can receive that cash money you deserve.



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    Knowing someone and then being in a situation when you need help is a whole entire story but one day I was traveling back in town and I had an accident and my car was totaled! As soon as I was able I called 1-800-HURT911 and they came to me and handled everything fast! They help me to recover and it was no money out of my pockets! They had an office near my home which was very convenient! One call to 1-800-HURT911 they will get you the best attorney and the best treatment with their doctors in one of their nearby offices throughout Georgia!

    debra antney

    Debra Antney


    I’ve have a few accidents over the years and I’ve always called 1-800-Hurt 911 and Dr. Veal always have gotten me squared away with professional care and attention to my accident case and injuries! They got me back whole and the attorneys got me paid! 1-800-HURT911 Don’t Play in GA!

    Pastor Troy Atlanta Legend

    Pastor Troy


    When I received a phone call about my son being in accident and I went to see the car I was like Oh my Goodness! It was Friday night very late so I was going to wait until Monday to give someone a call to see what I can do so I called 1-800-HURT911 who was there for me on the 1st ring. If you’re involved in a car accident it’s a lot of work from the finding a lawyer, going to doctor, and lost wages from taking off work to handle everything. 1-800-HURT911 took car of everything for me! Until this day I made only one call and they started working on my behalf…

    Shay Mccray

    Shay McCray


    I was in a car accident on the highway and I immediately called 1-800-HURT911 and Brian made sure I was ok and out of the way of danger 1st then got me scheduled to treat with an office near me in Decatur, Ga and had an attorney come to me to do the paperwork to handle my legal part! 1-800-HURT911 handled the entire process and helped me get a handsome settlement‼️

    Antione Lewis

    Antione Lewis

    cases done
    dollors recover



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