We understand that if you were injured in a car accident your car probably isn’t in the best shape which makes getting to the Doctor difficult. Call 1-800-HURT-911 immediately after your car accident and we will arrange free transportation to and from our offices. An emergency is when your medical needs are immediate. Examples include having injury at work or public place or being seriously injured in a car accident. In cases like these, you may be taken to the emergency room by ground (ambulance) or air (medical flight). You do not need pre-approval for emergency transportation however, HURT 911 will provide transportation for our eligible clients to and from the doctor’s office, the hospital, or another medical office to get the treatment necessary for your car accident injuries. So even if your car isn’t drive-able or do not have a driver’s license we will gladly assist you with transportation for those purposes relating to your accident recovery process.

Car accidents can be extremely stressful and it doesn’t stop with the accident itself. Your car can be out of commission from extensive repairs and waiting on a reputable body shop to even begin and complete your repairs. Lastly, you need to get around to take care of your day to day needs. Let’s face it – most people don’t have a car lying around so what do you do?
Depending on the circumstances of the accident and your insurance coverage, you may be able to get a rental vehicle at no cost. When you call 1-800-HURT911 we can often assist you with this process. Here’s what you need to know about getting a rental vehicle after an accident.


There are three parties that could end up paying for your rental car – your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company or you.
If you’re at fault for the accident, the other driver’s insurance company obviously won’t pay for your rental car. Your insurance company will cover it if you have that coverage in your policy. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for your rental car out of pocket.
If the other driver is at fault for the accident, then his insurance company is required by law to pay for your rental car until either your car is repaired or, if the car is determined to be a total loss, until the insurance has paid you for the value of your car. The insurance company also needs to get you a rental car that’s comparable to the car you own that was damaged. For example, if you drive an SUV, an insurance company would need to cover the rental cost of one, and it couldn’t just stick you in a compact car.


Here’s the problem when it comes to getting your rental car covered by the other driver’s insurance company – unless it’s a cut-and-dry situation where the other driver is obviously at fault (for example, the other driver rear ended you while you were stopped at a traffic light), it’s very likely the insurance company will dispute who was at fault. During that time, they won’t pay for your rental car and you’re left without a ride unless you pay for the rental car.
Once it’s established that the other driver was at fault, their insurance will need to reimburse you for your rental car, but you’ll be out that money until then.
This is an area where an HURT 911 LEGAL TEAM can make all the difference. Insurance companies often take their time in determining who’s at fault. It could take weeks or longer before they’ve reached a decision, especially if there’s no one pressuring them to move the process along.
It’s difficult to put much pressure on the other driver’s insurance company by yourself. But if you have an attorney, they can get in touch with the insurance company. Not only will they have experience in dealing with insurance adjusters, but once an attorney is involved, there’s the threat of a lawsuit, which no company wants to deal with. That puts pressure on the insurance company to pay for your rental car if it looks like their driver will be at fault. And the best part is that your HURT 911 LEGAL TEAM can handle this at no additional cost to you.

CALL 1-800-HURT911 Immediately After a Car Accident

The best thing you can do when you’ve been involved in a car accident is to call 1-800-HURT911. We can help you get the best resolution and protect your rights. Call us today!