Can an MRI Help Detect Your Auto Accident Injuries?

Whenever we have a new client come to our Atlanta treatment center, we always take precautions. Even if we already have your medical records, we like to confirm, for ourselves, what sort of auto accident injuries you’ve suffered. One way to do this is to run an MRI scan.

Here, we’ll explain exactly what an MRI is. We will also discuss when it’s used and what the results can tell your doctor. If you have any questions about your own case, feel free to contact our Atlanta treatment center directly.

When You Come to Our Atlanta Treatment Center We’ll Run Various Diagnostic Tests

Recovering from your auto accident injuries is often painful. It can take weeks or months for you to feel like yourself again. The practitioners at our Atlanta treatment center believe that it’s important to run the necessary diagnostic tests right away. This allows us to determine the nature and extent of your auto accident injuries.

Some of the tests you may need to undergo include the following:

  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Physical examination
  • Neurological examination

Once these tests have been run, your doctor will have a much better idea of what they’re dealing with.

Why Do You Need to Undergo So Many Tests?

Some of the patients at our Atlanta treatment center complain that they don’t want to undergo any diagnostic tests. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be proper for any medical professional to treat you without first confirming your auto accident injuries.

Of course, it’s rare that you’ll have to undergo the entire litany of tests highlighted above. The type of tests we’ll need to run at our Atlanta treatment center depends on your symptoms.

For example, if you have a brain or spinal cord injury, it’ll be important to run an MRI.

One of the Critical Tests Needed to Diagnose Auto Accident Injuries Is an MRI

When we meet with a client who has suffered a potential neck, brain, or spinal cord injury, we run an MRI immediately. This is one of the most reliable tests we can use to determine your auto accident injuries.

An MRI will produce results via a 3-D image. It allows your doctors to see exactly what is going on with you. The images provided by the MRI are very detailed and thorough.

When your doctor reviews the images created during your MRI, they’ll have a much better idea of your auto accident injuries.

not all car accident injuries are visible.

What is an MRI and How Does it Work?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is commonly referred to as an MRI. It’s an expensive test, so some Atlanta treatment centers may hold off on running one. However, it is the best way to identify your auto accident injuries.

When you take an MRI, you’re asked to lie down flat on a table. The table is then pushed inside a dark, large, tube-like machine. Once the test starts, you aren’t allowed to move. If you move at all, it can skew the results of the test.

While you’re in the tube, the machine will use magnets to manipulate the water molecules in your body. The molecules will help the machine take images of your internal organs and soft tissue.

What Is the Most Common Type of MRI Done at Our Atlanta Treatment Center?

Whenever someone comes into our Atlanta treatment center for auto accident injuries, we often suggest an MRI. The most common types of MRIs that our doctors order are brain and spinal cord MRIs.

These tests are able to show your doctor if you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury. This injury is common in certain types of accidents, such as head-on collisions, drunk driving accidents, and rollover accidents.

It’s also important for your doctor to look at the results of your MRI for any spinal cord injuries. If left untreated, these spinal cord injuries can cause total or partial paralysis. Given the seriousness of this kind of injury, it’s critical that you undergo an MRI immediately.

We Also Conduct Bone and Joint MRIs at Our Atlanta Treatment Center

In addition to brain and spinal cord MRIs, our Atlanta treatment center also conducts bone and joint MRIs. These can help diagnose more common auto accident injuries such as broken bones and fractures.

This MRI test can also help diagnose any muscle or soft tissue injuries. If you’ve suffered organ damage or similar auto accident injuries, they must be diagnosed and treated at once. Otherwise, they can cause serious medical issues down the road.

How Long Does an MRI Scan Take for Your Auto Accident Injuries?

Most people have seen an MRI conducted on TV or in the movies. Many of the patients at our Atlanta treatment center are afraid of the test before we even order it. We believe, therefore, that it’s important that you talk to your doctor honestly about how the procedure works.

One of the reasons this test is so hard to endure is that it can last as long as two hours. Thankfully, most people suffering from auto accident injuries have done their test in about forty-five minutes.

How Long Will It Take for Your Atlanta Treatment Center to Have the Results?

Once the test is completed, the doctors at our Atlanta treatment center will have the results in about a day. Of course, it depends on the day of the week and the time that you come in for an MRI.

Once the results come in, your doctor will have a much better idea of your treatment plan. They will sit down and discuss this with you.

Call Our Atlanta Treatment Center Today to Schedule Your Initial Assessment

If you were hurt in an auto accident, there’s a good chance you’ll suffer a host of injuries. The only way to determine the nature and extent of these injuries is to undergo a variety of diagnostic tests. One of the tests our Atlanta treatment center conducts is an MRI.

When you first visit our Atlanta treatment center, we’ll do a thorough assessment. Depending on what your doctor sees, they may order an MRI. The results of this test will help guide your treatment plan.

We suggest that anybody who’s been injured in a car accident visit our Atlanta treatment center. You need to get your auto accident injuries checked out sooner rather than later. Since you don’t have to pay anything upfront for your medical care, there’s no reason to wait.


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