What Is the Payout for Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences that leave lasting physical and emotional scars. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering what compensation you could receive for your pain and suffering.

Instead of quoting an average amount that won’t apply to all cases, this blog post will explain what factors can influence pain and suffering. Calculating these damages is complex, so it’s crucial to reach out to an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney who can evaluate your claim.

What Are Pain and Suffering Damages?

Pain and suffering damages are a category of compensation awarded to car accident victims for the physical and emotional distress they have endured. While medical bills and property damage can be easily quantified, calculating pain and suffering is a complex and subjective process.

A lawyer will analyze the extent of your injuries and how they impact your life. Your doctors will offer valuable insights into your condition, expected recovery timeline, and potential permanent disabilities.

Factors When Evaluating Pain and Suffering

Now, let us examine a few specific factors that an Atlanta car crash attorney will rely on to evaluate your pain and suffering in a car accident settlement.

The severity of your injuries is the main factor. If you have suffered catastrophic injuries that have had a significant impact on your life, such as permanent disability or disfigurement, this can greatly increase the amount of compensation you may receive.

The duration and extent of your pain is another important factor. If you have endured months or even years of physical discomfort, emotional distress, or mental anguish as a result of the accident, this can significantly affect the value of your claim.

Furthermore, an experienced lawyer will also take into consideration how the accident has impacted your daily life activities. For example, the lawyer will note if you have to give up certain hobbies or activities because of physical limitations resulting from those injuries.

car accidents cause physical pain and emotional trauma

When it comes to determining the amount of pain and suffering damages in a car accident settlement, there are two main methods.

  • The Multiplier Method involves multiplying your total medical expenses by a certain number, usually between 1.5 and 5, depending on the severity of your injuries. The higher the multiplier, the greater the compensation for pain and suffering.
  • The Per Diem Method – With this approach, a daily rate is determined based on factors such as lost wages, medical bills, and other relevant expenses. This daily rate is then multiplied by the number of days you have suffered from pain due to your injuries.

Both methods serve as guidelines to estimate pain and suffering damages. However, they are not set formulas. Each case requires careful consideration of various factors such as age, occupation, impact on daily life activities, psychological effects, and duration of treatment or recovery period.

What If You’re Partially at Fault?

When it comes to determining the value of your car accident case, one crucial factor that can significantly impact the amount you receive is your percentage of fault. In other words, if you are found partially responsible for the accident, it can reduce your compensation.

This is because Georgia follows a comparative negligence principle in determining eligibility to file a personal injury claim and collect damages. You must be less than 50% at fault to qualify for damages. Also, your total damages will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

Call an Experienced Atlanta Accident Attorney!

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and are seeking compensation for your pain and suffering, it’s crucial to have an experienced lawyer defending your rights. A skilled car accident lawyer in Atlanta will carefully evaluate your damages and fight to secure a fair settlement from the other driver’s insurance company.

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