Suffered a Knee Injury in an Auto Accident? Here’s What to Do Next

People who are involved in motor vehicle accidents suffer all sorts of injuries, ranging from head injury to knee injury, broken limbs and more. If you’re lucky, you’ll walk away from your car accident with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. Maybe you’ll suffer whiplash. 

However, many of our clients have suffered extensive injuries in their Georgia car accident. By the time they come to see one of our car accident doctors in Atlanta, they usually have a good idea of what their prognosis is. They have already had surgery or met with their physician and have come to us to recover from their accident injuries, including knee injury. Our goal is to help our clients recover as quickly and as safely as possible.

Here, we will discuss the most common types of injuries suffered in car accidents, including knee injury. We will also explain which types of injuries are treatable and which injuries can only heal with time. Regardless of the type of injuries you’ve suffered, there’s a good chance one of our car accident doctors in Atlanta can help you. Our injury center offers chiropractic care. We can also do the necessary diagnostic tests to determine which body parts you need to focus on to make a full recovery.

We recommend that you contact our injury center as soon as possible after your accident. The longer you put off treatment, the longer you will be in pain. We want you to be pain free and back to your normal self.

What are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Depending on the type of car accident you’re involved in, you may suffer minor injuries or very serious injuries. For example, if you’re involved in a rear- end car accident, you may have suffered whiplash. Whiplash occurs when your neck is extended too far in any one direction. 

This is one of the injuries that can only heal with time. There’s nothing any of our car accident doctors in Atlanta can do to speed up the recovery process. However, we can provide you with chiropractic treatment in Atlanta that will help ease the pain and inflammation.

If you are involved in a more serious accident, such as a head- on collision, your injuries will not heal on their own. If, for example, you suffer a knee injury, you will likely need surgery and long-term physical therapy. A knee injury can be very painful and can take several months to heal. 

Depending on the type of knee injury you sustained, you may not be able to do the same kind of work you did prior to the accident. You may end up on disability for a period of time. What we strive to do is prepare a treatment plan that will help you recover as quickly as possible from your knee injury without putting your body at further risk.

Some of the other injuries we tend to see with car accident victims include the following:

  • Back Injuries

Many of our clients suffer back injuries as a result of their motor vehicle accident. You may suffer herniated or slipped discs. You may suffer muscle strains. You may even suffer nerve damage in or around your back. Some of these injuries would benefit from chiropractic treatment in Atlanta. Other injuries may take a bit longer to heal or may require you to undergo physical therapy for several months.

  • Neck Injuries

In any type of motor vehicle accident, you’re liable to suffer an injury to your neck. As mentioned above, whiplash is a very common injury in rear- end collisions. If somebody slams into the back of your car, there’s a good chance your head will be thrown forward or backward. If the impact is strong enough, you may stretch your neck too far and end up with whiplash.

  • Broken Bones

Obviously, if you’re involved in any type of accident, even a minor one, you can end up with broken bones. Once these bones have been set, it will take time to heal. What we can do is have one of our car accident doctors in Atlanta examine you to see if you would be a good candidate for chiropractic treatment in Atlanta.

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  • Knee Injury

As discussed above, many of our clients suffered a knee injury in their car accident. Your knee could be smashed during the collision. You may tear your ACL while getting out of the damaged vehicle. There’s no limit to what could happen to your body when somebody smashes into your car or SUV.

What are the Best Treatments for a Knee Injury?

Depending on the type of knee injury you suffer, there are a variety of treatments your car accident doctor in Atlanta may prescribe. The goal is to provide the least invasive treatment possible. You may need surgery for your knee injury. Sometimes this can’t be avoided. For example, if you suffer a meniscal tear, you may need a partial meniscectomy. Or if you tear or damage a tendon, you will need to undergo tendon repair surgery.

While surgery sometimes is the only option, most of our clients prefer non-surgical interventions. There is evidence that physical therapy can provide as much long- term pain relief as surgery. Physical therapy is also preferable to being prescribed pain medications for a long period of time. Once our car accident doctor in Atlanta has a chance to examine you, they’ll have a much better idea of what treatment you need.

Contact One of Our Car Accident Doctors in Atlanta Today

If you suffered a knee injury in a motor vehicle accident and are looking for quality care, contact one of our car accident doctors in Atlanta. You can come into the office and have your initial assessment done at your convenience. This will give your doctor a chance to diagnose your injuries and design a treatment plan. Your treatment plan will be customized to your needs and preferences. 

For example, if you absolutely do not want to be prescribed any narcotic medication, then your doctor will honor your request. If you are looking to undergo physical therapy prior to having reconstructive surgery for your knee injury, we can accommodate that as well.

We recommend that you come to see us as soon as possible after your motor vehicle accident. You can sit down with a doctor and find out what kind of chiropractic treatment in Atlanta they can offer you. Our goal is to help find a non-invasive, pain free option for you.