I’ve Been Feeling Dizzy After a Crash – What Should I Do?

For some reason, a lot of our clients refuse to go to the hospital after their car accident. They insist they’re okay, despite the fact that they can tell something’s off. What you need to do is go to the emergency room and have them run some diagnostic tests to see if you’re hurt. This is especially true if you feel dizzy after a crash. 

If you don’t go to the hospital immediately, your injuries can get worse. The minute you can tell somethings wrong, you need to go online and search for the “best car accident doctor near me.” Our treatment center in Athens, Georgia will appear at the top of the list, along with our contact information. You should give us a call and schedule your first assessment as soon as possible. 

If you feel dizzy after a crash or have a lingering injury such as a traumatic brain injury or concussion, it will get progressively worse, and can even prove fatal. Rather than let this happen, you should come in so one of our expert practitioners can examine you. Depending on what the diagnosis is, you may benefit from some of the best chiropractic treatment in Athens.

If You Feel Dizzy After a Crash, Go to the Emergency Room

We always tell our clients that the first thing they need to do after their car accident is go to the emergency room. When the officers come to investigate the crash, they will also call for an ambulance. This ambulance will take you to the nearest hospital so you can get checked out by an emergency room physician. 

While there, the doctors will do a physical examination to see if you have any obvious injuries. However, they will also run a litany of tests to see if you have any injuries that are internal or otherwise naked to the blind eye.

If you feel dizzy after a crash, make sure you let the doctors know. This could be a sign of any sort of injury including the following:

  • A concussion or bleeding on the brain
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • A neck injury
  • Whiplash
  • Internal bleeding

Regardless of the type of injury you’re ultimately diagnosed with, if you feel dizzy after a crash, you can’t put off going to the doctor.

You Need a Doctor to Run a Myriad of Tests to Determine Your Injuries

If you decide that you want to take advantage of the best chiropractic treatment in Athens after your accident, you should call our office right away. What we’ll do is have you come in for your initial assessment so we can run a myriad of tests to determine what your specific injuries are if you feel dizzy after a crash or have other symptoms. Some of these tests may include:

  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • physical examination
  • eye movement test
  • range of motion test
  • neurological examination

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Once your doctor has the results of these tests back, they will have a much better idea of how to treat your injuries or the fact that you feel dizzy after a crash. One of the options may be to suggest you take advantage of chiropractic care. Our treatment center in Georgia has some of the best chiropractic care in Athens. We treat the whole patient, not just a part of them period

There are Several Different Types of Dizziness You Should Worry About

If you refuse medical treatment at the accident scene, that doesn’t mean you may not opt for treatment later. If you go home and start to feel dizzy after a crash, it could be a sign that you’re suffering from a very serious injury. 

If you feel dizzy after a crash, you should know that there are four main types of dizziness that you should keep an eye out for. Any one of these could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Given the trauma that you’ve experienced as a result of your car accident, this is not something to take lightly.

The four different types of dizziness that you may notice in the hours or days after your motor vehicle accident include the following:

  • Lightheadedness

If you feel dizzy after a crash, you should determine if it’s just lightheadedness or something else. Lightheadedness is when you simply feel disconnected from the world surrounding you. Everything seems blurry and, when people talk to you, it seems if you’re watching somebody else have a conversation. You may feel faint and even nauseous at this point.

  • Vertigo

Most people confuse other types of dizziness with vertigo. Vertigo simply is a way of describing how you feel when the world is spinning. This is a feeling you may have when you get off a fast roller coaster or amusement park ride. It’s also the same feeling you get when you spin around and around and then stop.

  • Disequilibrium

If you feel dizzy after a crash, know that you may be suffering from disequilibrium. All this refers to is when you feel like your balance is off. You may be walking unsteadily or feel like you’re leaning to one side to the other. This could be a sign of any number of internal injuries.

  • Presyncope

This is when you feel like you’re going to faint or lose consciousness. While this isn’t always associated with dizziness, it usually goes part and parcel with the feelings of imbalance and being disassociated from your environment.

A Car Accident Can Certainly Cause Dizziness in Its Victims

There’s no doubt that a car accident could cause this type of dizziness. And because all four types of dizziness are associated with serious medical conditions, you can’t afford to refuse treatment. If you start to feel dizzy after a crash hours later, that means your injuries may be getting worse. 

You can’t wait until the next day or wait until later in the week. You need to get to the hospital right away and find out what’s going on. One way to do this, as mentioned earlier, is to go online and do a search for the “best chiropractic treatment in Athens.” Make your appointment right over the phone and ask if they can see you as soon as possible.