5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

It’s not unusual to walk away from a car accident only to realize days later that you’ve been hurt. There is a rush of adrenaline immediately following a car crash. This lets the body feel no pain.

However, once things settle down, things return to normal. This is when most people realize that they feel worse than they originally thought they did because of the car accident injuries sustained. It’s also around this time that accident victims wonder “how do I find the best auto accident doctor near me.

According to ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel), an official website for statistical data, more than 46,000 people in the United States die every year in car accidents. Moreover, around 4.4 million people are injured annually, requiring serious medical assistance. This demonstrates how common these crashes are in the U.S. Many of these accidents could have been avoided.

Certain Car Accident Injuries are More Common than Others

Most people who are involved in a minor car crash walk away with no injuries at all. Others aren’t so lucky. Some of the more common car accident injuries include:

1. Emotional, Psychological, and Physical Trauma

If you have ever been in an accident, you have an idea about how it can affect your overall mental health. Severe car accidents can also cause damage to the brain. In youngsters especially, it has been observed that they often suffer from mental trauma following any sort of accident.

In many cases, different phobias manifest in the minds of the victims. It’s not uncommon for people to develop a fear of peculiar things like plastic and metal. Since your mental health is so important, it is important that you seek counsel through a qualified injury center in Atlanta, GA.

2. Back/Spinal Cord Injuries and How the Best Injury Center in Atlanta, GA Can Help

It is a fact that the structure of the human body lies in the strength of the spinal cord. Serious car accident injuries in this area can affect your life in many ways for a long time. If you have suffered from a severe back injury, it can affect your professional life as well.

There are several factors involved such as job insecurity, not being able to do the things you once liked doing, and lack of motivation. You might deviate from the aims and objectives that you have planned in life professionally as well as personally.

It might also affect your daily routine. This can be very demotivating. This is why it’s critical that you treat your physical injuries right away. This means that you need the right injury center in Atlanta, GA.

As mentioned earlier, you should always prioritize your health and address any issues you might be experiencing. Back injuries impact you over the long term and they can affect your life both professionally and personally.

3. Fractured Bones

Right after your accident, you might not feel much pain at all. But as time passes, you might feel a lot worse. It can take time for some car accident injuries to settle in. It’s not unusual for accident victims to end up in the emergency room days after their car wreck.

We tend to see this a lot with fractured bones. Fractured bones can make your life difficult because they do not allow you to move normally, and you might face difficulty in walking, or even moving while sitting uniformly.

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4. Scars and Marks

We understand how hard it can be to suffer facial lacerations in a car accident. Nobody wants their face to be disfigured.

There was a case like this in Atlanta, Georgia not long ago. In 2015, an Atlanta family was moving from one city to another. On the way back to their home, they were involved in a serious highway accident. The two children in the car managed to escape without serious injury. However, their parents, who were in the front seats, were severely injured.

Months after the accident, the inquiry committee realized that the wife had never recovered from her facial scars despite the fact that her husband consulted the best doctors for her treatment. He was seriously injured as well. He hit the front mirror and ended up with glass implanted in his face.

It took a lot of time for both the husband and the wife to recover. This is an example of how facial injuries and injuries on the other parts of the body can leave long-term scars.

5. Knee and Ankle Injuries

There is no doubt that car accident injuries to the knees and ankles should be taken seriously. They are very painful and take a long time to heal. Since we need our knees and ankles to walk, it’s critical that they be treated properly right away. Ligaments and joints are the basis of your body structure, and when these get damaged, it makes it hard to function.

An example of this type of injury took place in 2017. A girl bumped into another car accidentally and she was found lying on the road, injured. However, her recovery was quick. Months after the accident, she was diagnosed with a severe knee and ankle dislocation.

This just goes to show that car accident injuries aren’t always obvious on the day of the crash. They can take time to show. They can also cause long-term issues. You may need surgery or long-term physical therapy.

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If you ever get into an accident that results in injuries, you should prioritize your health and should see a doctor right away. You should also preach the same to your loved ones and encourage them to seek medical attention if they sustain car accident injuries.

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