Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are some dark periods of our lives where we get ourselves entangled in undesirable circumstances. However, there are instances when we are thwarted by an external entity. The reasons for this could be either negligence or willful attacks. But whatever the reason might be, you should know that you have a personal injury case in your hands.

If you are puzzled regarding what cases make up the personal injury column, allow us to enlighten you. Here are the common types of personal injury cases:

#1 Automobile Accidents

Every year, millions of people fall prey to fatal motor vehicle accidents. The intensity of these injuries could vary from paralysis to death. As per statistics, we lose more than 33,000 lives in a given year due to automobile accidents, and the number of injured people is over 2.3 million.

So, if you have been the victim of such harsh motor vehicle accidents, you are entitled to a personal injury case. You are fit to put forth a case even if you were not particularly driving; you could be:

  • The pedestrian that got hurt by a negligent driver
  • A passenger in the vehicle that got thrashed

Therefore, if you think your vehicle was wrongfully hit or targeted by another entity, we suggest you contact a car accident attorney in Athens. An experienced attorney will guide you throughout the legal process and help you get the much-deserved compensation for your monetary and personal losses.

#2 Medical Malpractices

Negligent or intentional mess-ups of a medical professional can pose a severe threat to your health. These medical mess-ups are legally referred to as medical malpractices, and they involve:

  • Misdiagnosing a disease
  • Surgical errors
  • Child delivery mishaps

If you have ever suffered a severe loss due to the medical practitioners’ sheer negligence, you are at liberty to file a personal injury case.

#3 Workplace Accidents

The injuries that an employee suffers during their working hours come under workplace accidents.

  • Legally, employees cannot present cases of injuries in the court due to workplace bondages or contracts.
  • However, the victim employee can file a monetary claim under the Workers’ Compensation Act for his injuries.
  • Under this act, employers would have to provide their employees with several compensatory benefits in case of workplace injuries.
  • The workers’ compensation law strongly varies across the states and has many limitations. Thus, we suggest you involve the best personal injury lawyer in Athens to avoid any legal complications.

#4 Wrongful Death

Wrongful death, as the name suggests, arises when a person is killed due to someone else’s deeds.

  • Cases of wrongful deaths may take criminal turns, and stretch for years.
  • A majority of wrongful deaths happen due to road accidents or hospital mishaps.
  • Close relatives and friends can file this lawsuit.
  • Unfortunately, the person who suffered can never present this case. These cases can take ugly turns, and therefore, involve criminal courts.

#5 Premises Liability

These cases are the consequences of defective property on some public land. These mishaps mostly occur on commercial properties like:

  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Malls
  • Retail stores

So, next time if you stumble over a mis-built stair in a grocery store, remember that you can sue the owner for a misfit staircase.

Therefore, if you have sustained any of the above-mentioned personal injury conditions, feel free to contact The Hurt 911 Injury Centers at 1-800-487-8911 — the best agency for getting personal injury attorneys in Decatur, GA.