Medical Exam in Atlanta: What Will My Doctor Do?

Most people who are in any sort of accident in Atlanta need some type of medical treatment. The only way to know how bad your injuries are is to be checked out by a doctor and get a medical exam in Atlanta. Once they have a chance to evaluate you, the doctor will document your injuries in your medical records. Depending on how serious they are, you may need surgery. Or you may need to be seen at an Atlanta injury treatment center. If that’s the case, you’ll want the best.

If you go online and google the phrase “injury care center near me,” you’ll get a ton of hits. You could take hours (or days) going through them all. Or you could just call the Georgia injury center in Atlanta. They offer all sorts of care that will help you get back on the road after your accident.

Here, we’ll briefly discuss what kinds of things they’ll do in your initial medical exam in Atlanta. Well also give you an idea of what forms of treatment they can provide.

Your First Meeting With the Atlanta Injury Treatment Center Is Important

When you first meet with one of our doctors at our Atlanta injury treatment center, they’ll need to do a thorough evaluation. They can’t just go off your medical records. In the time between your emergency room visit and your first medical exam in Atlanta at our treatment center, your condition may have changed. You may be feeling ten times better than you did after the accident. Or you may feel worse. Either way, you’ll need to let our doctors examine you and determine what the best course of treatment is.

The initial examination may be uncomfortable. Nobody likes to have doctors poking and prodding at them. However, if you want to make a full recovery, you need to trust that our doctors know what they’re doing. They have your best interests at heart and want to do everything in their power to help you get better.

What Sort of Tests Will the Doctor Need to Do During Your Medical Exam in Atlanta?

Some of the tests you undergo at our office will be similar to what the emergency room doctors did. For example, you may have already had x-rays. That doesn’t mean the doctors at our injury treatment center won’t need to see for themselves what’s going on with your injuries.

Some of the tests our office will conduct during your medical exam in Atlanta include:

  • X-rays
  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • Ultrasound
  • Neurological examination
  • Physical exam

The tests we run will depend on the type of injuries you’ve suffered. If you hurt your ankle, there’s no reason to do a CT scan. In a case like this, we would likely limit the tests to an x-ray. However, if you suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury, we’ll need to run the gamut of diagnostic tests. That kind of injury can be very serious, even deadly if not treated properly.

Do You Have to Comply With Treatment?

One of the questions a lot of clients ask during their first medical exam in Atlanta is whether they have to go along with treatment. The truth is, our practitioners would never try to force someone to undergo treatment. However, if you refuse to comply with our treatment regimen, there is a chance you won’t be entitled to damages in your accident case.

If the court learns that you refused to be treated for your injuries, they’re not going to award you certain damages. For example, if treatment would reduce your pain and suffering and you refuse to take it, you can’t then demand thousands of dollars in pain and suffering.

Atlanta injury treatment center

The same is true for lost wages. If our treatment plan would make it possible for you to go back to work in a few weeks and you refuse treatment, it could hurt your case. The court may feel that you only lost income because you refused necessary treatment.

Rather than have this happen, talk to your treatment specialist. See what they have to say. Odds are the treatment plan won’t be all that bad.

Will an Atlanta Injury Treatment Center Refuse to Treat You?

If you’re hurt in an accident, you deserve to have your injuries treated. The person who caused your injuries likely has insurance to cover the cost of this treatment. If not, you would be able to file a civil lawsuit and demand reimbursement for any medical bills you already paid. For outstanding medical bills, your lawyer can demand that the defendant pay your care providers.

When you first come to our office for an initial medical exam in Atlanta, we’ll figure out who needs to be billed for your treatment. If your injuries are related to an accident, there’s a good chance someone’s insurance is going to pay for your medical care.

If, however, your injuries were caused by your own clumsiness or recklessness, your primary health insurance carrier would have to cover your expenses. Our office will submit any bills to them, and they should pay them. If not, you could be liable to pay them yourself.

Reach Out to an Injury Care Center Near You in Atlanta

If you’ve suffered any extensive injuries as the result of an accident, you should contact our office right away. We can arrange for you to come in for your first medical exam in Atlanta as soon as possible. The practitioners at our Atlanta injury treatment center are well equipped to diagnose your injuries and come up with a treatment plan that works for you.

Some injuries can cause long-term pain and suffering. We do what we can to make you as comfortable as possible, as soon as possible. As long as you work hard to recover, we’ll work hard to help make that happen.

Call our office as soon as your primary doctor recommends a treatment plan. During your medical exam in Atlanta, let us do an initial evaluation and determine the best treatment plan for your injuries. Instead of wasting searching for an “injury care center near me,” simply call or contact us online.


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