Injury Treatment in Athens, Georgia: 3 Questions to Ask Before You Begin

If you’ve never been treated for a serious injury before, it can be scary. Just the idea of someone poking and prodding, trying to determine your injuries seems uncomfortable. This is not unusual. This sort of thing can be frightening for anyone seeking injury treatment in Athens, Georgia. The good news is that our injury treatment center in Athens offers state-of-the-art care for all its patients.

Our practitioners have been treating patients with all types of injuries for years. Even if you’ve suffered a unique injury, rest assured someone in our office has treated that exact kind of injury before. We have the knowledge and the equipment to make sure our patients feel better walking out of our office than they did walking in.

Even though we know we are the best injury treatment center in Athens, we still suggest you do your research before you arrive. If you’ve scheduled your first appointment and aren’t sure what to expect when beginning injury treatment in Athens, there are a few things you need to know.

Here, we’ll talk about the 3 questions you need to ask before you come into our office for the first time. We’ll also explain why some people make assumptions about the sort of care we offer and correct these unfair assumptions.

Will My Injury Treatment in Athens Make Me Feel Even Worse?

One of the first questions our patients ask is whether their treatment will be painful. It makes sense that you would worry about this, especially if you’ve already been injured in some sort of accident.

We like to be honest with our patients. It would be unfair to pretend that your injury treatment in Athens won’t be uncomfortable. The first few times you come in, you may feel moderate discomfort. It makes sense that you’ll feel some level of pain. When your body is already suffering, any kind of manipulation will bring on some sort of pain. However, you need to go through this to feel better.

What we like to tell our patients is that any discomfort they feel during injury treatment in Athens will not hurt nearly as bad as their original injury. For example, if you suffered whiplash in a car accident, you’ll be experiencing moderate to severe pain throughout the day and night. This will last at least a few days, maybe longer.

If you go without injury treatment in Athens, you may feel this pain for quite some time. However, if you get the proper treatment, you could be feeling better after the first adjustment.

How Often Will You Have to Come into the Office?

We have been providing injury treatment in Athens for some time now. We meet with patients from every part of the spectrum. Some have suffered very serious injuries. They may have already undergone surgery or multiple surgeries. By the time they come to see us, they have already been so much, that all they can look forward to is some relief.

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Other patients have not suffered any sort of accident. They may just be suffering from a degenerative issue such as degenerative disc disorder or spinal stenosis. For these patients, it will likely be impossible for us to make the pain disappear. What we can do is provide the necessary treatment to help them feel much better.

In both of these cases, the frequency of the patients’ visits will vary. Someone with whiplash will probably only need to see us a few times before they’re feeling better. They may come in 2-3 times a week for the first two weeks and then just once a week for a month or two.

Someone with a serious back or neck injury will need to see us more often. They may see us 3 times a week for a couple of months. Since it will take several months to reach their maximum level of improvement, there is no telling how many total visits they will attend. Our goal is to provide them with as much relief as possible in a reasonable period of time.

When Do I Know I Am Ready to Stop Treatment?

Another question a lot of our patients ask us is how they’re supposed to know when they’ve finished injury treatment in Athens. This is a fair question. It also makes sense that a patient would want to know this sort of information upfront. This is the best way for them to plan their schedule for the next few weeks or months.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to chiropractic care or other sorts of physical therapy is that you continue treatment until you don’t need to. There’s no telling exactly how long anyone will need to come into our office. What we do know is that we didn’t earn the reputation of best injury treatment center in Athens by forcing patients to continue treatment longer than they need to.

Our staff has no reason to mislead patients into extending their injury treatment in Athens. Our goal is to make our clients feel better. The only way to do that is to provide treatment for as long as we need to until the patient has reached maximum improvement. This could be weeks for one patient while it may take years for another.

There are some patients our firm treats that have been coming in for years. They may have a permanent disability or medical condition that causes pain. Some of these issues never resolve themselves. For example, one of the disorders mentioned earlier – spinal stenosis – never gets better on its own. It continues to get worse as a person gets older. In situations like this, it makes sense to continue treatment on a permanent basis. This is the only way to keep your pain to a minimum.

Contact Our Office for Injury Treatment in Athens, Georgia

If you or your loved one are suffering due to an existing injury, you should contact our office right away. We can schedule an appointment for you to come in so we can examine you. We offer injury treatment in Athens, Georgia for hundreds, maybe thousands of patients. We’ll do our best to help relieve your pain and get you back to your regular life.