What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in Georgia?

You can never predict injuries and accidents. However, what you can do is take precautions and actions before and after the incident.

Precautions come from an individual’s efforts, but you may have some control over the actions taken after the incident. If you find yourself in a personal injury case and need to know about the various details, get yourself a personal injury lawyer in Decatur. But along with that, give a glance at this article.

Here, we have talked about multiple details of a personal injury case, starting with its stature. Without any delay, let us get started.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injuries?

According to Georgia’s law, as stated in Code section 9-3-33, the statute of limitations for personal injuries is up to two years. It implies that you may file for a claim within two years of the accident, from the day of the accident until two years.

Therefore, if you want to file for a claim, you must do it within two years. If you do file a claim after the mentioned two years, there is a high probability that the court will refuse it.

However, some cases may be considered even after the two year period, which we will discuss shortly.

Exceptional Cases for the Statute of Limitation for Personal Injury

As mentioned above, there are cases where the statute of limitation for personal injury can be ‘tolled.’ By ‘tolled,’ it implies that it can get extended for a certain amount of time other than the standard two year time period. Here are the cases that allow such extension:

  • If the injury is by the municipality, city, county, or state, you may file for a case only after sending an Ante-Litem notice within the specified number of months.
  • If the injured party is a minor, the statute of limitation will only start after the said minor has turned 18.
  • In case is considered a crime.

These are the cases in which the statute of limitation can get extended or negotiated. Otherwise, the general rule of thumb follows the two years.

Comparative Fault Rules

While talking about personal injuries, please keep in mind the Comparative Fault Rules. It might be that your claim faces another claim from the other party stating that the accident was your fault. It is no surprise that such cases may appear.

It is where Georgia’s Comparative Fault Rules play out. These rules are applied where the court finds both parties to be responsible for the accident. In such instances, you might also have to face an insurance adjuster for injury settlement negotiations.

Nevertheless, to be cautious, it is better to consult with an auto accident attorney in Atlanta if you are responsible for the accident. When involved in an accident or case of injury, everything tends to get scary and confusing. In such times, you would need a reliable and honest lawyer by your side to help you through the hard times.

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