What Injuries Can You Sustain in a Car Accident?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in the first thirty years of American lives, not to mention being responsible for thousands of injuries. In 2015, 35,000 people died in traffic accidents, numbering 96 people daily. In addition, car accidents send over 2.3 million people to hospital emergency rooms yearly.

Accident survivors sustain varying degrees and types of injuries. These wounds can impact their life quality for a long time, causing permanent disability in more severe cases. Furthermore, when a car accident occurs, the quality of treatment you get determines whether you can go back to business as usual or be impaired for the rest of your life.

This is why we advise crash victims to visit our Georgia Injury Centers immediately after an accident. We offer the type of personalized treatment and therapy that you won’t get in hospitals.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Georgia 

Knowing what type of injury you’ll likely sustain in a crash makes you do all you can to avoid an accident. But since road collisions are unplanned and result from negligent acts, accidents will still happen no matter how careful you are. You may sustain one or more of the following injuries when it does, depending on the crash impact.

Broken Bones 

Depending on the force of an accident, you may sustain several broken bones if the force is more than the body can bear. The breakage could be to the arms, legs, hips, ankles, wrists, or ribs. Broken bones are usually painful, and depending on the care the victim gets, could take a long time to heal.

It also depends on whether you suffer a simple fracture or a compound fracture. Simple bone fractures are injuries where the bone doesn’t break, but there is an open wound. They are treatable with a cast and don’t require surgery. Compound fractures, on the other hand, penetrate the skin and require surgery to correct.

Scrapes and Cuts

When an accident occurs, sheet metal, glass, loose objects, and other debris fly around the vehicle. These objects, if sharp, can cause cuts and scrapes on the skin. This wound type is often minor, but it can also be severe. When it’s the latter, you’ll have deep lacerations and require stitches. In addition, if you don’t get treated immediately, the wound may result in blood loss and open you to infections.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is quite severe and often life-threatening, especially when not treated in time. This car accident injury happens when the blunt force damages or ruptures blood vessels. In addition, the injury might prevent the wound from clotting or circulating the body.

Thus, you should get a thorough medical check-up even if you appear fine after a high-impact crash. Internal bleeding might not appear immediately, and delayed treatment would either damage your organs or end your life. You can visit one of our Georgia Injury Centers if you experience numbness, dizziness, tingling, or sudden vision loss after a car accident.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries can be mild, like a concussion, or more severe, like a traumatic brain injury (TBI). You sustain this injury type when blunt force trauma to the head goes past the skull to brain tissues. TBI has life-altering and fatal consequences, especially when not treated in time. We have some of the best neuro specialists in Georgia, so visit us if you suspect you have a TBI.

Spinal Cord Injuries 

A spinal cord injury also has life-lasting consequences if not diagnosed and treated immediately. For example, you could lose some or all of the body functions below the injury site. At worst, you may lose all body function from the injury site. Hence, you need personalized care if you have an injury to the spine and the best therapy facilities to regain body function. Georgia Injury Centers offers you both.

Knee, Back, or Neck Injuries

A knee injury can affect your ability to walk, especially if you tore a ligament. In such an instance, you’ll need to undergo surgery to correct the damage. Also, back and neck injuries could lead to severe complications if they go beyond a simple strain. An example of a neck injury from a car accident is whiplash, and treatment includes physical therapy, neck braces, etc.

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