Why is It Important That You Seek Medical Treatment Immediately After Your Accident?

For some reason, many people who have been involved in a car accident refuse to go to the hospital and seek medical treatment. They insist that they’re fine. Sometimes it’s because they see a trip to the emergency room as a major inconvenience. Or they may truly think they’re okay and don’t see the need for treatment. However, if you don’t seek treatment for your accident injuries, one of two things can happen. You could have internal injuries that, if left untreated, can prove to be very dangerous, or even fatal. There’s no reason for this. All you have to do is spend an hour or two at our Georgia injury center. Our practitioners can do a thorough assessment to see if there’s anything going on as far as internal injuries are concerned. They will also run x-rays and an MRI to see if anything else may have happened during the crash.

If our practitioners determine that you have suffered any sort of injury, they will craft a medical treatment plan. The sooner you start your treatment, the sooner you’ll feel better.

You Need to Make Sure That You Haven’t Suffered Any Serious Injury

When most people think about car accident injuries, they think about things like broken bones or back injuries. Most people who have friends who’ve been involved in serious car accidents I have never heard of the other types of injuries that people experience. For example, in any sort of motor vehicle accident, you can suffer a traumatic brain injury. If left untreated, TBI can lead to permanent memory issues, cognitive issues, and even death, depending on the seriousness of your injury.

You also have the risk of suffering a spinal cord injury because of your accident. An injury like this must be treated immediately or you actually risk paralysis. We suggest that you undergo medical treatment for your accident injuries within the first hour after your crash. The sooner one of our practitioners examines you, the sooner they can try to help relieve your pain and resolve your injuries.

For All You Know, You May Have Suffered an Internal Injury

The biggest concern when it comes to car accidents is the possibility of internal injuries. Most people, regardless of what kind of medical experience they have, can tell if they have a broken bone or laceration. Most people realize whether or not they’ve suffered whiplash in an automobile accident. But when it comes to internal injuries, or any injury that you can’t physically see, the only way to detect it is to undergo diagnostic testing.

The practitioners at our Georgia treatment center will run the necessary tests to determine the nature and extent of your injuries. Some of these tests include the following:

  • MRI
  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • Ultrasound
  • physical examination
  • neurological examination

The results of these tests should indicate whether you suffered any internal injuries. Once this has been completed, our team will be able to come up with a care plan that will offer the best medical treatment of your accident injuries.

Your Georgia Accident Attorney Will Need Proof That You Were Indeed Hurt in the Crash

As important as your health and well-being is, you may also have to file suit against the other driver. This means that your Georgia accident lawyer will have to find a way to prove your injuries. In order to receive damages in your lawsuit, you must be able to demonstrate that you suffered an injury and needed medical treatment.

The more serious your injuries, the greater your damages. For example, if you only suffer whiplash, you can’t expect to receive damages for pain and suffering. However, if you suffered a broken neck or spinal cord injury, you will be entitled to a significant amount representing pain in suffering compensation not to mention damages for future medical treatment.

medical treatment

Medical Records Are the Best Evidence to Prove Your Physical Injuries

As stated above, your car accident lawyer in Georgia we’ll need evidence to submit to the court to prove they were injured. This evidence will need to outline both the nature and severity of your injuries.

In addition, whatever you use as proof of damages will need to indicate what kind of medical treatment you have already received and what medical treatment you will need in the future. This is all available in your medical records. When you come to our George injury center, they will evaluate you so they can determine the best treatment for your accident injuries.

It’s In Your Best Interest to Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

When you are involved in any sort of motor vehicle accident, there’s a good chance you suffered some sort of physical injury. Even in a minor accident, your body suffers a tremendous impact. It is one thing if you are prepared for the impact. At least then you can brace yourself and try to avoid injury.

However, when you’re involved in a car accident, you have no idea what’s about to happen. This means that your body is going to naturally respond to the impact of the collision. You could end up with serious injuries even in a minor accident such as a rear-end car crash. This is why it’s so important that you seek out medical treatment for your accident injuries immediately.

We always tell our clients that, if they’re ever involved in another car wreck, that they ask the police to call for an ambulance. It’s much better to go to the emergency room and learn that nothing is wrong than it is to go home and go to sleep, having no clue what’s going on with your body. At least when you visit our Georgia injury center, we can do an initial assessment and run any necessary diagnostic tests to determine the extent of your injuries.

We suggest you call our Georgia injury center as soon as possible after your accident. All you have to do is contact our office or reach out to us online.