Why X-Rays Are Important in Injury Treatment

Injury treatment has improved over the years. This is one of the many ways technological advancement has aided the medical field. One such advanced treatment option is imaging technology. Therefore, many doctors now use imaging techniques such as x-ray radiography to treat patients. If you ever suffered an injury, you must have heard someone say, “you better get that x-rayed.”

Clearly, this means that x-rays are a popular treatment option. However, are they popular because they’re helpful for injury treatment? Georgia Injury Centers can answer this question. Usually, we explain our treatment procedures to accident victims. Consequently, you’d know why our specialists recommend x-rays for specific injuries.

What Are X-Rays?

X-rays refer to a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves. This type of radiation is similar to visible light. However, x-rays possess higher energy than visible light. Furthermore, they can pass through solid objects such as your body. An x-ray is a non-invasive medical examination that uses ionizing radiation to generate images of the body’s insides.

They’re the oldest form of medical imaging. So, x-rays can produce pictures of tissues and other structures within your body in black and white. Generally, a doctor would perform an x-ray to:

  • Examine a body area where you’re complaining of pain or discomfort
  • Monitor the diagnosed disease and its progression
  • Check whether a prescribed treatment is effective

Preparing for an X-Ray

Usually, x-rays don’t require any special preparations. However, it’s vital to wear loose and comfortable clothing when going in for an x-ray. The doctor may even ask that you wear a hospital gown. Furthermore, it would help if you remove any jewelry or metallic objects before the x-ray.

Are X-Rays Safe?

Many people worry about the risks of x-rays because of radiation exposure. However, x-rays are generally safe. You’re safe because the radiation exposure from x-rays is little. In addition, doctors agree that the benefits of x-ray examinations far outweigh their disadvantages.

Uses of X-Rays in Injury Treatment

Medical practitioners use x-rays for various purposes. However, this article focuses only on the uses of x-rays in injury treatment. So, x-rays are essential for injury treatment because they allow doctors to check for any internal injuries. For example, an x-ray is the easiest way to know whether an accident caused any bone fractures.

In addition, an x-ray can quickly diagnose bone infections too. A doctor can also x-ray your chest area. This procedure would help them notice whether there’s chest inflammation from the accident impact. At the same time, this x-ray can expose any broken ribs.

Notably, x-rays are very helpful in emergency diagnosis and treatment. This is because x-ray technology works quickly, and it’s easy to operate. This is the perfect combination for personal injury treatments. Finally, it’s noteworthy that many accident injuries don’t show immediately. Therefore, x-rays are your best chance of noticing underlying damage before it turns severe.

Accidents that Could Necessitate X-Rays During Treatment

Many personal injury accidents could require the treating doctor to order an x-ray. We examine some of them below.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall or trip and fall often result in falling on hard surfaces. These falls are usually the basis of premises liability claims. However, what’s essential to the doctor is that such falls could result in various injuries. The endangered parts of your body include your:

  • Back and spinal cord
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Head

Therefore, an experienced injury treatment physician would most likely order an x-ray of these body parts.

Auto Accidents

Auto crashes can also hurt different parts of your body. In the process, you can suffer bone fractures, dislocations, broken ribs, etc. Furthermore, if you bash your head against the vehicle’s insides, you may sustain a head injury. Doctors obviously cannot see inside your head. Therefore, they’ll have to rely on x-rays.

Other accidents that may require x-rays during treatment include:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Sporting mishaps
  • Boating accidents

Get On-Site Injury X-Ray With Georgia Injury Centers

Have you been in a Georgia personal injury accident? If you have, then you require immediate treatment. However, as we’ve shown above, many accident injuries can benefit from x-rays. Notably, the conventional method is to wait until you get to the hospital before undergoing an x-ray. However, your injury may get worse before you get to the hospital.

That’s why it’s great that Georgia Injury Centers offer their patients on-site x-ray. Our team of specialists can x-ray your body at the accident scene and quickly start your pain treatment. We also have all our diagnostic equipment on-site. Therefore, it’d be best to call our injury centers whenever you suffer an accident in Georgia.



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