Essential Questions To Ask Before Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a common type of treatment that uses physical methods to relieve pain and aid mobility. Usually, physical therapy is essential for persons who need to resume their daily activities after a debilitating illness or injury. It can also help injured patients avoid surgery and reduce the risk of disability. So, if you suffered injuries in an accident, a physical therapist from a renowned injury center can help.

A physical therapist (or physiotherapist) plays numerous roles in ensuring speedy recovery for their clients. Their duties include diagnosis, developing appropriate treatment plans, and monitoring their patient’s progress. Common injuries requiring physiotherapy include back/neck pain, fractures, soft tissue injuries, etc.

As an injured person, you deserve to know all you can about your treatment or recovery plans. Therefore, you must ask your physical therapist specific essential questions before you start your sessions. We’ll discuss some of the most vital questions to ask your physiotherapist in this article.

Top Eight Questions to Ask Your Physical Therapist Pre-Treatment 

The following are essential subjects to discuss with your physiotherapist before you commence treatment:

  • Do You Specialize in Treating My Kind of Injury?

Always stick with a physical therapist with enough experience in treating your specific condition. The last thing you’ll want to do is let someone treat you on trial and error.

  • What Type of Physical Therapy Is Best for My Condition?

There are different types of physical therapy for various conditions. They include occupational, neurological, rehabilitative, and hand physical therapy. So, you can ask your physiotherapist what kind of therapy you’ll need for your condition. It’ll help you know what to expect during treatment.

  • What Are My Obligations?

While your physical therapist has a lot of duties, you also have some responsibility in your treatment. For example, you must strictly follow your treatment plans and attend sessions when due. In addition, some therapists may mandate that you wear specific types of clothing, among others. So, always clarify your duties and obligations during the consultation to ensure that you can perform them.

  • How Long Will I Engage in Physical Therapy?

Your specific condition determines how long your physical therapy will last. For example, the more severe your injury is, the longer your therapy will last. It also depends on how well your body responds to treatment.  If you’re unsure how long you’ll take, you can ask your therapist for an estimated time frame.

  • What Does a Typical Therapy Session Look Like?

You need to prepare yourself for your therapy sessions by knowing what to expect per stage. For example, most therapy sessions start with an extensive evaluation of your medical condition. Then, they’ll review your medical history and carry out comprehensive tests to check for other health problems you may have. The test results will also help them determine what treatment plan is best for them.

  • Will I Experience Pain and Soreness?

Generally, physical therapy shouldn’t be painful. However, depending on your case’s specifics, you may experience some discomfort during sessions. If it’s unbearable, you must speak with your physiotherapist to adjust your plan.

  • When Should I Start Seeing Results?

Some persons may begin to feel instant relief soon after they start physical therapy. However, in some others, recovery signs may start much later. Regardless, you need an estimated period within which you must see some improvement. That helps to show whether your treatment plan is working or not.

  • Who’s Directly Responsible for My Treatment?

You’re more than likely to adjust appropriately to treatment when you have a good rapport with your physical therapist. As such, it’s essential to develop a positive relationship and get comfortable with your physiotherapist as early as possible. Therefore, you must ask specifically for your care provider and ensure that you’re satisfied with the choice. Also, confirm that your physiotherapist will remain the one to attend to you at every visit.

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