The Importance of Diagnostic Imaging After an Atlanta Car Accident

Diagnostic imaging after a car accident

The aftermath of a car accident in Atlanta can be overwhelming. Dealing with shock, injuries, and the disruption to your daily life is enough to cause anyone stress. Diagnostic imaging is a crucial step toward protecting your health and legal rights. While visible injuries like cuts and bruises might be readily apparent, many internal injuries […]

Can an MRI Help Detect Your Auto Accident Injuries?

A car accident victim having an MRI.

Whenever we have a new client come to our Atlanta treatment center, we always take precautions. Even if we already have your medical records, we like to confirm, for ourselves, what sort of auto accident injuries you’ve suffered. One way to do this is to run an MRI scan. Here, we’ll explain exactly what an […]

How On-Site Medical Treatment Improves Recovery Chances

Medic arriving to accident scene to provide medical treatment

Accident victims often think that recovery treatment starts at the hospital. Only if they know how wrong they are! The reality is that accident medical treatment starts right at the accident scene. The actions or inactions of responsible people at the crash site significantly affect the victim’s chances of recovery. As you suspect, on-site medical […]