Do Not Ignore Chest Pain after a Car Accident

If you experience chest pain after a car accident, ignoring it is a big mistake that could have lethal consequences. Chest pain after a wreck can be a sign of serious internal injuries. You should go to the hospital immediately or call 911.

After you receive emergency care and leave the hospital, the doctors, chiropractors, and physiotherapists at our Athens injury center will help you recover and return to your everyday life.

See a Doctor Immediately after a Car Accident

Car accident injuries are not always visible. Behind the bruises and cuts, there could be other serious problems, such as internal bleeding or organ damage.

You must have read countless stories about people who walked away apparently unscathed after a car crash, only to be rushed to hospital a few hours later in critical condition. Waiting to get medical care after a car crash could put your life at risk.

Additionally, documenting your injuries through medical records is essential for legal purposes. If your case progresses into a personal injury claim against the responsible party, having these records will strengthen your case and help demonstrate the extent of your injuries.

Car Accident Injuries That Cause Chest Pain

Chest pain after a car accident is often the symptom of rib fractures. The ribs are not strong enough to resist the impact of a car crash. These fractures not only cause intense pain but can also lead to difficulty breathing and an increased risk of internal organ damage.

Another injury often associated with chest pain is sternum (breastbone) fractures. The sternum plays a crucial role in protecting the vital organs within our chests, such as the heart and lungs. When it fractures due to an accident, it can cause severe pain with each movement or breath.

Additionally, whiplash injuries sustained during car accidents can also contribute to chest pain. Whiplash occurs when the head rapidly jerks forward and backward upon impact, causing strain on the neck muscles and ligaments. This strain may radiate down into the chest area, resulting in discomfort or even sharp pains.

whiplash injuries can contribute to chest pain

If you experience chest pain after a car accident, you should call 911 or go to the nearest ER. After you receive emergency medical care and leave the hospital, our experienced team at Hurt911 will create a comprehensive recovery plan. This plan may include physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Our Doctors Will Collaborate with Your Car Accident Attorney

The doctors at our injury center have experience in collaborating with personal injury lawyers to help our patients present a strong case to the insurance company. If necessary, we can also refer you to a skilled attorney to represent you in your car accident claim.

You don’t need to worry about out-of-pocket costs when you call 1-800-HURT-911. Your doctors get paid once your car accident claim is settled.

Come to Us for Rehabilitation!

After a car accident, your first priority must be to get medical care for your visible and invisible injuries. Once you are treated at the ER and leave the hospital, get in touch with us for your rehabilitation. We combine modern technologies with experience and compassion to help you recover from your injuries and find relief from pain.

The team at our Hurt 911 Injury Centers will also assist you in finding legal representation to recover your damages.

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