Can Physical Therapists in Athens Help After Your Drunk Driving Accident?

If you’re involved in a drunk driving accident, you will likely suffer life-threatening injuries. Many accident victims visit our Athens injury center for treatment every year. Like our other patients, you may also benefit from seeing a physical therapist in Athens.

Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents Often Suffer Life-Threatening Injuries

On average, 290,000 people are injured in drunk driving accidents every year in the U.S. Of the 290,000 accident victims, more than 10,000 do not survive their injuries. If you did survive, you probably suffered extensive injuries.

Our Athens injury center prides itself on being able to help drunk driving accident victims. Our physical therapists in Athens work hard to help their clients recover from their injuries. For some patients, this means helping them learn how to live with their life-changing injuries.

What Are Some Common Injuries Suffered in a Drunk Driving Accident?

Drunk driving accidents are some of the most dangerous types of accidents. The person who causes the crash often loses control of their car. They are also speeding since they have no appreciation for the risks they’re posing to other motorists.

Many of the clients at our Athens injury center have suffered tremendous injuries. Some of the more common injuries drunk driving accident victims suffer include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Burn Injuries

The good news is that our physical therapists in Athens can help you with many of these injuries.

Our Athens Injury Center Treats Hundreds of Accident Victims Every Year

The practitioners at our Athens injury center treat hundreds of patients every year. Many of these clients were injured in some sort of motor vehicle accident. The ones who suffered the worst injuries were often involved in drunk driving accidents.

Because of the nature of your injuries, the professionals at our Athens injury center offer a variety of treatments and therapies. For example, we offer chiropractic care for people who have suffered neck and back injuries.

We also offer other treatments. It all depends on the nature and extent of your accident injuries.

What Treatments Do We Offer at Our Athens Injury Center?

One of the primary treatments we offer at our Athens injury center is physical therapy. However, we also offer chiropractic treatment. Before we design any of our clients’ care plans, we run the necessary diagnostic tests.

When it comes to drunk driving accident victims, physical therapy is key. Our physical therapists in Athens offer a variety of therapeutic treatments to help their clients work toward a full recovery.

Car accident injuries can be treated with physical therapy.

What Exercises and Treatments Do Our Physical Therapists in Athens Perform?

Physical therapy can be immensely beneficial for car accident victims. It all depends on the type of injuries you have suffered.

Some of the treatments our physical therapists in Athens offer include the following:

  • Massage
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Heat therapy
  • Limb elevation
  • Educate clients on special techniques to adapt to their new situation

When you first come into the office, our physical therapists will do a thorough assessment to work toward an optimal outcome.

Physical Therapy in Athens Is Effective in Treating Life-Changing Injuries

After your drunk driving car accident, it can take some time to resume your normal activities. Depending on the severity of your injuries, this can take months or even years.

The practitioners at our Athens injury center understand how difficult it can be to adapt to life-changing injuries. You will need to focus on both your physical recovery as well as your emotional recovery.

One way to help do this is to learn new ways of adapting to your physical and social environment. For example, if you are paralyzed after your accident, you will have to learn how to get around. Our physical therapists in Athens can help teach you these things.

How Can Physical Therapy Help People with Traumatic Brain Injuries?

One of the most common injuries suffered by drunk driving accident victims is a traumatic brain injury. This injury is caused when you suffer a severe blow to the head. If your accident is serious enough, you may very well suffer a brain injury.

Your physical therapist in Athens will help you recover the use of your muscles after your brain injury. They will also show you new exercises to reinforce your ability to move around.

Physical Therapy Can Also Help People Suffering from Paralysis

If you become paralyzed after your drunk driving accident, you will have to learn new ways of coping. You will also need physical therapy to stimulate your muscles and nerves.

Our physical therapists in Athens will also teach you how to navigate your new world in a wheelchair. This is something you can’t learn on your own. When you’re thrown into this new reality, our Athens injury center can be a great help.

Even Amputees and Burn Victims Can Benefit from Seeing a Physical Therapist in Athens

You may not realize it, but even burn victims can benefit from seeing a physical therapist in Athens. It’s important that you learn how to keep your limbs elevated. You’ll also need to find comfortable ways to sit and lie down.

Our physical therapists in Athens show their clients how to prevent pressure sores. In addition, they will show you certain exercises that can help improve your range of motion.

What Should You Do to Get Started on Your Treatment?

When you’re ready to move forward with your physical rehabilitation, contact our Athens injury center. We will schedule you to come in for your initial assessment.

Once our physical therapists in Athens examine you, they will create a treatment plan customized to your injuries. Then they will slowly introduce you to new treatments so that you can recover in a safe and gradual way.

The Best Thing to Do Is Visit Our Athens Injury Center for an Initial Assessment

The practitioners at our Athens injury center understand how traumatic a drunk driving accident can be. We work hard to help accident victims resume as much of a normal life as possible after their injuries.

If you have been injured in any sort of motor vehicle accident, we can help. Reach out to our office and schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists in Athens. Our goal is to help you recover from your injuries and adapt to your new normal.