Who is Liable for a Self-Driving Vehicle Accident?

Technology has come a long way. There were times when people had to figure out several modes of transportation. Today car automation has brought a new regime in the world with leading technology. Who would have thought that there would be driverless cars in the future?

Automated cars cause accidents due to which people tend to get an Atlanta car accident lawyer to seek insurance for the damage. The idea behind car automation was that accidents occur due to human errors, and driverless cars could prevent such accidents. However, when self-driving cars cause accidents, who shall be held responsible?

Problems Caused by Automated Car Accidents

Car accidents are an outcome of human error. They cause several problems apart from death. Usually, in such accidents, the fault is of one driver, and both suffer the injury. Problems caused by automated car accidents:

  • Loss of property in terms of car and public property
  • Loss of lives due to personal injury caused
  • Loss of productivity in the workplace
  • Expenditure on medical bills and car repairs
  • Spending of the government in terms of government-approved car and medical insurances

General Reasons for Automated Car Accidents

Car automation technology was brought amongst the public to save lives. It claimed that most car accidents occur due to human error and irresponsible driving; therefore, driverless cars can prevent such accidents. But autonomous vehicles have also caused fatal accidents. In the present scenario, car accident attorney Decatur is not clear about who should be held responsible for these deadly accidents by automatic cars. Here are some potential reasons for automatic car accidents:

  1. Vehicle Malfunction
    Technology can fail since it is also born out of the human mind. Hence, there is a probability that the vehicle malfunction can occur. The manufacturers make driverless cars to avoid human errors. But when a vehicle stops operating as per the system, there is a high chance of malfunction. If brakes, engines, motors, and tires in a traditional car can go wrong, it can also happen in autonomous vehicles.
  2. Fault in Manufacturing
    When there is a manufacturing fault, the manufacturer shall be held responsible for the damages. At times, the manufacturers ignore the car’s defective design assembled elsewhere. It results in car accidents later.

Person to be Held Responsible

You can consult personal injury lawyer Decatur to claim damages and seek advice. Below mentioned parties could be held responsible for driverless car accidents –

  • The engineers
  • The automobile company
  • The marketing agency
  • Another driver on the road
  • The self driver – ‘autopilot’
  • A negligent or inattentive pedestrian
  • A motorcycle rider
  • The city or municipal government
  • A local property owner

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