What Should You Not Say to Your Insurance Company After an Auto Accident in Georgia?

Accidents have become a common phenomenon, and people frequently suffer from injuries due to accidents. Some accidents may also result in car damages. You must look after such damages at the earliest. It is best to reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Athens for insurance disputes and claim damages from the parties. Car accidents in Georgia require consultancy and legal aid from lawyers.

Moreover, few things should not be said to the insurance companies when they inquire about a car accident. Quoting a few statements might land you in trouble with the insurance agents. It is necessary to report the car accident to the insurance company in a careful manner to eliminate the danger.

#1 It Was My Mistake

It is advised by the lawyers and experts not to admit your fault in the car accident. Saying straight up that it was your fault will lead to getting no insurance money for your vehicle and personal injury.

You can consult Atlanta car accident lawyers to protect yourself and cautiously answer the insurance company’s questions. You don’t have to lie about any event during the accident but do not commit upfront that it was your fault. Because in such cases, you may end up paying for the damages and compensation.

#2 I Didn’t Get Any Injuries

The insurance companies are experts in asking the right questions to the clients. When they ask about your health, your prompt answer may be that you are feeling okay. But insurance companies may use this phrase in their favor.

Auto accident attorney Athens advises that it is best to avoid saying definitive statements because the insurance company can interpret it another way, which can be unfavorable.

#3 I Acknowledge the Offer

Soon after the accident, the insurance company will reach out to you to narrate the entire incident and ask the questions. Initially, they will offer a settlement to you, which may not be appropriate in terms of damages and injury.

Please don’t fall for the lowball settlement; it only entices the clients to ask for the car’s entire insurance amount. Since they are experts in such inquiries, they will try to convince you to say yes to the offer, but do not accept it if you want the insurance money in full.

#4 I’m Willing to Give the Statement

Lawyers advise their clients that they are not obligated to give a recorded statement.

The insurance company will ask you to give a recorded statement during your meeting with them; remember that it is unnecessary. Car accident lawyer Athens provides legal aid and advice for such insurance cases. You can take their help to avoid falling into the pitfall built by the insurance companies.

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