Traffic Accident in Fairburn Kills One and Injures Seven Others

Concept photo: Traffic accident in Fairburn kills one

A man died, and seven people sustained injuries following a traffic accident in Fairburn on Interstate 85. The crash involving a tractor-trailer happened on Thursday, December 9th. Following too closely appears to have caused the accident.  According to a news report, a tractor-trailer slammed into several vehicles. The Fairburn Police Deputy Chief Anthony Bazydlo said […]

Man Involved in Southeast Atlanta Collision Charged With DUI

Concept photo: Man involved in southeast Atlanta collision charged with DUI

The Georgia State Patrol is investigating a southeast Atlanta collision involving multiple vehicles, which occurred on Friday afternoon, December 3rd. The investigators believe impaired driving and speed played a role in the occurrence. According to a news report, the suspected DUI driver fled from troopers as they attempted a traffic stop. The GSP said at […]

What Do I Do if I Have a Spinal Cord Injury?

Doctor looks at Spinal cord injury x-ray

Spinal cord injuries are often severe and usually require patients to spend huge sums of money on treatment. In addition, there is often a loss of mobility in some or all parts of the body. Therefore, getting professional help is needed. At Georgia Injury Centers, we provide professional healthcare services for injuries, including spinal cord […]

Possible Surgeries After a Personal Injury Accident

personal injury law book, personal injury accident concept

Georgia Injury Centers see several personal injury accident victims daily. Many of them have different types of accidents resulting in various wounds. Fortunately, some injured parties are lucky that they don’t require extensive treatment. All they’ll need are medications and other light treatments. However, some of them need significant and often expert care. An example […]

What Injuries Are X-Rays Best Used For?


X-rays are one of the gifts given to us by science and technological advancements. They were first used in 1897 to detect bullets and broken bones during the Balkan war. Since then, X-rays have been improved to detect several types of injuries, especially in trauma patients. At Georgia Injury Centers, we understand the importance of […]

How to Avoid Workplace Injuries

workplace injuries

Workplace injuries can happen at any time. Every day, millions of Americans leave their homes for work. The thought of getting injured while working rarely crosses their mind. However, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were 5,333 fatal work injuries in 2019. The possibility of getting injured while at work depends on […]

5 Common Car Accident Injuries and Treatments

car accident injuries

Car accident injuries are of various types; some are minor, others severe or catastrophic, and they could also be fatal. A person with a minor injury can recover with little treatment and return to life as they know it. However, when the wound is severe or catastrophic, the people involved would require specific treatment at […]

CCPD STEP Investigates Serious Injury Crash on Interstate 285

Concept photo: An injury crash on Interstate 285 is being investigated

The Cobb County Police Department Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) is currently investigating a serious injury crash on Interstate 285. According to a news release, the accident happened early Tuesday morning, November 9th, at about 3:30 a.m. The cause of the accident appears to be a failure to change lanes properly. The public information released […]

Understanding the Musculoskeletal System, Pain, and Treatment

musculoskeletal system

We’ve seen our fair share of accident victims with various injury types at our Georgia Injury Centers. However, out of all the wounds people sustain from accidents, the most affected area is the musculoskeletal system. These cover injuries to the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In this article, we shed light on the musculoskeletal […]

A Columbia County Car Crash Kills Two Drivers

Concept photo: Collision in Columbia County kills two

Two people died in Columbia County following an accident between an 18-wheeler and a pickup truck on Interstate 20. The two-vehicle collision in Columbia County occurred on Tuesday, November 2nd. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol seems to be the contributing factor.  The Columbia County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 36-year-old James Henry Whitaker. They […]

Essential Questions To Ask Before Physical Therapy

physical therapy

Physical therapy is a common type of treatment that uses physical methods to relieve pain and aid mobility. Usually, physical therapy is essential for persons who need to resume their daily activities after a debilitating illness or injury. It can also help injured patients avoid surgery and reduce the risk of disability. So, if you […]

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

traumatic brain injuries

At Georgia Injury Centers, our specialists have encountered several accident victims with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These brain injuries often result from work accidents such as slips and falls. Furthermore, auto collisions and sporting accidents can cause TBIs. Indeed, any event that exerts force on the head can leave the victim with TBIs. In this […]