The right car accident attorney can help put the pieces of life back together even after a cataclysmic car accident

When a car accident takes place, it may cause severe injury. If you or someone you love has suffered from any such damage and are incurring medical bills, it is better to speak to Athens car accident lawyers & law firms before you reach out to the insurance companies.

The car accident attorney Athens GA helps individuals and families of the injured with legal assistance and explain your rights and the type of compensation available to you.

Why get legal advice in a car accident before anyone else?

This is a significant question asked by most of the clients. Why you will need to have legal advice from Athens car accident lawyer when all you can do is to seek for your insurance claim?

Once an individual brings forward an injury claim of a car accident, the insurance company will contact them to learn more about the accident and the injury. The adjuster of the insurance company is more likely to record every statement given by the individual while going through the claim process.

When the insurance adjuster record statements related to the accident and the injury, there is a high risk of saying something which can permanently ruin the chance of financial recovery.

Get a supportive car accident attorney who advocates for you!

It is always better to seek legal advice from Athens car accident lawyers and law firms for guidance on how to handle the communication with an insurance company and ignore reducing the value of the claim.

How to get a third-party liability claim in a car accident?

When you are not the one who caused the accident, you have the right to seek additional damage through a third-party liability claim. There are several and basic requirements while fulling a car accident claim. Providing another person’s fault for causing an accident requires evidence such as:

  • evidence of the causation and injury
  • Photographs and video of the accident scene
  • Damaged property
  • Eyewitness Testimony
  • Police or incident report

Proving damages may also require:

  • Doctor’s Prognosis
  • Expenses Receipt etc.

If required, an Athens car accident lawyer can work with accident reconstruction experts.

When to reach a car accident attorney Athens GA after a car accident?

The first thing that you need soon after a car accident is a medical help and mental support. But a quick settlement of the insurance claim may seem to be a great relief.

Many insurance companies who promise to cover every bit of a medical bill, rarely covers every extent of the damages.

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It is always better to reach out to an Athens car accident lawyer with all the settlement offers received from the insurance company and before accepting any of them.

An expert car accident attorney can help you to understand the accurate estimate of the case and can advise the individual on how to proceed with the insurance claim.

If you have met an accident and are immobile or unable to visit a car accident attorney call 1-800-Hurt911 today! You don’t pay us unless we successfully recover money for you.

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