The Role of Physical Therapy in Treating Whiplash Injuries

whiplash after a car accident

Whiplash, a common consequence of car accidents, often manifests as neck pain, stiffness, and restricted mobility. While symptoms usually subside within weeks, some individuals experience persistent issues necessitating prolonged treatment. Physical therapy for whiplash plays a vital role in recovery after a car accident. Medical records from doctors and your physiotherapist also support your legal […]

MRI for Head Injuries in Morrow: A Guide for Patients

MRI for head injuries is an essential diagnostic test

Following a head injury, particularly a serious one, navigating the path to recovery can be a complex and challenging undertaking. Patients often face a multitude of physical and emotional hurdles, while seeking definitive answers and a clear course of treatment.  In such circumstances, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for head injuries often emerges as a crucial […]

Concussion Recovery: Steps to Safely Return to Daily Activities

Concussion treatment in Atlanta

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that disrupts the way your brain normally works. Your brain shifts or moves inside of your skull, damaging brain cells and creating chemical changes in the brain. This can result in a variety of symptoms, like headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and confusion. The good news is […]

Rehabilitation for Fractures and Broken Bones

treatment for broken bones in Roswell, Georgia

Broken bones, also known as fractures, are a frequent occurrence that can stem from various incidents, such as car accidents, sports-related injuries, and falls. The healing journey for a fracture is intricate and requires meticulous management to ensure the bone mends correctly and functionality is regained. The experienced doctors and physical therapists at our Roswell […]

Types and Treatments of Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

Soft tissue injuries are a common occurrence, affecting the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in our bodies. These injuries can result from a variety of causes, including sprains, strains, a direct blow leading to a contusion, or overuse of a specific body part. Symptoms often include pain, swelling, bruising, and in some cases, loss of function. […]

Treating Sports-Related Injuries: a Guide for Macon

treatment for sports injuries

Sports injuries are common among athletes and those who engage in physical activities. These injuries can range from minor sprains and strains to more serious conditions like fractures and dislocations. In this blog, we will explore the treatments for common sports injuries in greater detail. If you have been hurt playing sports, Hurt911 can help. […]

What Type of Medical Treatments Are Associated with Car Accidents?

let us treat your car accident injuries

Car accidents are unfortunately very common in the U.S., with over 6 million crashes reported each year. The state of Georgia sees a high number of auto accidents. They result in car accident injuries which frequently require medical treatment, ranging from minor care to intensive, long-term rehabilitation. Our team of doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors […]

Causes and Treatment of Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident

shoulder pain after a car accident

Shoulder pain after a car accident has a significant negative impact on your daily activities. Whether it’s a dull ache or sharp, shooting pain, dealing with shoulder discomfort can be a real challenge. At our Atlanta injury center, you will find relief from shoulder pain through effective treatments like chiropractic care and physiotherapy. Our doctors […]

Discover the Various Treatment Options for a Knee Injury

knee injury treatment

If you’ve suffered a knee injury, you will need to undergo various types of treatments to resolve the problem and regain your mobility. The treatment plan and its duration depend on the kind of injury and its severity. In this article, we will explain in detail the most common types of knee injuries. We will […]

Can an Atlanta Treatment Center Help With Herniated Disc?

herniated disc

Have you been in extreme pain and have no idea what’s causing it? It could be a herniated disc. The practitioners at our Atlanta treatment center see hundreds of patients every year suffering from this same ailment. Here, we’ll explain exactly what a herniated disc is. We will also discuss the various treatments available to […]

What Is E-Stimulation and How Can It Help Your Car Accident Injuries?

E-stimulation can help manage pain after a car crash.

If you’ve ever been to an Atlanta physical therapist, you may already be familiar with electrical stimulation. However, most people who suffer car accident injuries have no idea what kind of treatment they need. Here, we’ll explain how electrical muscle and nerve stimulation works. We’ll also discuss whether this can help you recover from your […]

How Much Will It Cost if I Need to Visit an Athens Treatment Center?

Athens treatment center reception area with medical staff

One of the first questions new clients ask when they arrive at our Athens treatment center is how much it will cost them. We fully understand why this is an important question. When you visit one of our chiropractors in Athens after an accident, you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket. You […]