Auto-Pedestrian Accident on Cobb Parkway Kills One

A pedestrian died following a traffic accident on Cobb Parkway. According to the Kennesaw Police Department, the crash happened on Saturday night, January 8th. The cause of the collision was not immediately available. 

However, the police disclosed on Monday, January 10th, that the accident happened south of Mack Dobbs Road. The preliminary investigation revealed the pedestrian was walking south of Cobb Parkway when a vehicle struck them. The investigators said two drivers remained at the crash site and did not anticipate charges. 

The collision led to the closure of the southbound lanes of Cobb Parkway near Mack Dobbs Road. The police reopened the scene shortly after 12:30 a.m. Anyone with information about the accident on Cobb Parkway should contact the Kennesaw Police Department at 770-422-2505. 

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of injuries in Georgia. Common accident injuries are broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and neck and back injuries. Others are knee injuries, soft tissue injuries, cuts, lacerations, internal injuries, etc. 

While some of these wounds are minor, others are severe or catastrophic, with life-altering consequences. For example, spinal cord injuries may cause partial or permanent paralysis. In such an instance, the victim will require life-long medical care. 

However, it’s possible to prevent the catastrophic consequences of an accident. This largely depends on the type of treatment the victim gets immediately after the collision. Most people get emergency treatment immediately after the accident. While this is good, you should request a transfer to an injury center. 

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Source: https://bit.ly/3tOdynO