Get legal help from committed pedestrian accident lawyer in Athens to claim your rights after a fatal pedestrian accident

Pedestrians are probably the most vulnerable road accident victims. In the event of an accident, a high number of severe or fatal injuries can occur. Too often, the drivers of trucks and cars hit people who are trying to cross the roads. Being hit by a truck or a car is a devastating phenomenon in someone’s life.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm in a pedestrian accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to hold the negligent party responsible for the same. Consulting a Pedestrian accident lawyer Athens can help you to compile the evidence on your behalf and can guide you through the process from start to finish.

What are some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents?

According to the passenger Accident lawyer Athens

  • More than 70% of pedestrians who were affected in an accident were trying to cross the roads
  • 43% of the pedestrians who were fatally injured were hit by a driver violating the traffic laws
  • 30% of the victims of pedestrian accidents were more than 65 years old.

There are several causes for those accidents such as:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Drowsy driving etc.

How a slip trip and fall accident attorney Athens will be able to help you?

There are many ways in which a Pedestrian accident lawyer Athens can help you.

Calculating the value of the claim: An expert passenger Accident lawyer Athens can investigate your case and help you to understand the approximate value of your claim. The passenger Accident lawyer Athens evaluates the severity of the injuries, the losses you have sustained during the accident, and the statement of the physician regarding the future impact of your injuries.

The Pedestrian accident lawyer Athens also negotiates with the third party for your claim.

Determining Liability: In most cases, the driver is generally the one at fault. The Pedestrian accident lawyer Athens identifies other liable parties. They may also fight any allegation of wrongdoing leveled at you by another party.

Investigating your case: A Pedestrian accident lawyer Athens can conduct a thorough investigation of your case. The experts can help you by hiring investigators and expert witnesses to provide testimony regarding your injuries. The passenger Accident lawyer Athens manage to gather all the documents and evidence to support your case such as the,

  • Police reports
  • Medical reports
  • Surveillance video
  • Statement of eyewitness

Know your rights after a pedestrian accident. Call the Hurt 911 Injury Group today!

What are the damages available after facing a pedestrian accident?

There are several damages which a pedestrian accident victim may collect. The damages may include

  • Medical bills: Taken from the ambulance rides, physician’s statements, therapy costs, medicines and stay at the hospital to doctor’s examinations, a victim can ask for all the bills.
  • Cost of wheelchairs or walkers
  • Lost wages due to the accident
  • Estimated income if you lost your earning potential due to the accident
  • Pain and suffering

These are just the handful of damages that you can ask for. The passenger Accident lawyer Athens of The Hurt 911 Injury Group can help you to uncover other costs that you can qualify for and collect.

The impact of a pedestrian accident can linger for months. You can call The Hurt 911 Injury Group today to get expert consultation regarding your case.

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