Ergonomic Chairs: What Are the Benefits?

Are ergonomic chairs worth it? Everyone uses chairs now and again in various settings. From sofas to desk chairs, dining room chairs, etc., different chairs serve unique purposes. Getting the wrong ones, especially at work where you spend the most sitting time, can cause various health challenges. Chiropractors strongly advise everyone to purchase the right chairs and develop proper sitting posture to avoid specific injuries.

One of the best ways to ensure your comfort and prevent strain injuries is by purchasing an ergonomic chair. That’s especially if you work from home and haven’t gotten comfortable office chairs. Ergonomic chairs are designed to support the human body in ways that traditional ones can’t. They help to improve sitting postures too.

The best ergonomic chairs are the ones that support your body and suit your specific needs. As such, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to purchase just about the first ergonomic chair you see. If you’re worried about how to get the proper ones, we’ve got you. We’d show you all you need to know about getting the right ergonomic chairs in this article.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are essential for the following reasons:

  • Posture Support

Many traditional chairs don’t have the right back height, so you tend to lean forward, especially after sitting for long. That puts unnecessary strain on your spines and predisposes you to back injuries. Ergonomic chairs, however, have specific designs that compel you to sit upright in the correct position.

  • Increased Productivity

Using traditional chairs for long hours can increase your fatigue and stress. When that happens, it becomes impossible to complete tasks and attain top-notch productivity. However, with ergonomic chairs, you’re comfortable, safe, and happy. That puts you in the right mental and physical frame to produce quality work more efficiently.

  • Reduces Risk of Neck and Back Pain

One of the most common injuries that office employees complain about is body aches — especially in the back and neck. Those are typical symptoms of poor body posture, and they can be extremely excruciating. By supporting proper body posture and alignment, ergonomic chairs help to reduce your risk of back and neck pain.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

One of the benefits of proper sitting positioning is improved blood circulation for overall optimal health. Proper blood circulation ensures that all your body organs (especially the heart, kidneys, and brain) function properly. It also builds muscle strength and reduces your risk of injuries and health challenges like leg cramping and erectile dysfunction.

  • Reduces Pressure on the Hips

Improper sitting posture and alignment puts too much pressure on your hips. When you don’t distribute your weight more evenly as you sit, you’re likely to develop hip pain.  Fortunately, ergonomic chairs provide adequate support for the hips. So, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, ergonomic chairs can help reduce pressure on your hips as you sit.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Ergonomic Chair

Here’s a checklist for finding the right ergonomic chairs for you:

  • Lumbar Support

Check that your chair has lumbar adjustments that fit your lower back and curves.

  • Seat Dimensions

Get the chair’s specific height and width measurements, and ensure that they align with your body size. Generally, a seat height of 16 to 21 inches and 17 to 20 inches width works best.

  • Comfort

The right ergonomic chair will make you very comfortable and relaxed as you sit.

  • Other Specifications

Your ergonomic chairs should have adjustable armrests, comfortable padding, and a swivel.

How to Maintain a Proper Sitting Position and Alignment

The following best practices will help you develop and maintain a proper sitting posture:

  • Keep your feet flat on the ground
  • Prevent straining or leaning forward by positioning monitors close enough at eye level
  • Keep essential objects within reach to avoid stretching for them
  • Schedule regular breaks to ease stress
  • Use the right audio equipment. These include speakerphones, headsets, etc., that would prevent you from bending your neck
  • Position your mouse in a way that prevents you from moving your arms or bending your wrists to reach it
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Keep your elbows and then your hips and knees at 90 degrees

Get the Best Treatment for Injuries Immediately!

Ergonomic chairs can prevent a lot of health challenges for you if you use them properly. They can also make you more comfortable and productive at work. However, you must pay attention to your body to detect early signs of stress and strain injuries. If you do, our Georgia Injury Centers have the best chiropractors and physiotherapists to make you feel better. Contact us immediately.


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