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The roads of Macon are crowded with both, the vehicles and the pedestrians. Every individual must understand and obey all the road safety rules to avoid encountering any fatal hit and run accident in Macon, GA.

Here are some tips for pedestrians to stay safe in high-traffic areas:

  • Cross the roads following the designated crosswalks
  • Avoid Crossing four-lane highways or streets which are not pedestrian-friendly
  • Walk on the sidewalk facing the oncoming traffic
  • Be defensive while crossing a road assuming that the driver may miss seeing you
  • Cross the roads when you see a walk signal
  • Wear bright clothes at night, dusk, or sunrise

But a hit and run accident is not invited. Even though the pedestrians follow the traffic rules, unfortunately, many drivers and riders don’t know or choose not to obey all the traffic rules,and that results in accidents. Most of the times, the person who is not at fault gets hurt and severely injured.

What To Do After a Pedestrian Accident?

As with any accident, any individual, be it you or someone you know, who is hurt in a pedestrian accident, needs to receive prompt medical care. The next thing to do is to call the police. Any road accident may end up in a huge legal matter. It is always essential to get the police report and documentation of the scene. Gathering the contact information of the witnesses is the next important thing to do as an individual even when the police have done that. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Macon can help you to understand the legal side of the pedestrian accident.

Thus, you can give a quick call to a slip, trip and fall accident attorney in Macon before starting other procedures so that you can focus entirely upon your recovery.

How Can a Passenger Accident Lawyer in Macon Help You?

A pedestrian accident lawyer in Macon is an experienced personal injury attorney who exclusively handles similar cases. They represent their clients involved in accidents. Being a victim of a serious pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to file a claim against the driver or rider who caused the accident and caused you the injury.

Sometimes, these claims become more significant issues than they are expected to be, and end up at court. In many cases, the settlements are done before reaching the court. In both the cases, a pedestrian accident lawyer in Macon helps you with all the legal guidance and actions required.

A slip, trip and fall accident attorney in Macon helps you get a favorable settlement from the party at fault, and from your insurance company.

Call The Hurt 911 Injury Group to get a free consultation from an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Macon.

If you or someone close to you has suffered a pedestrian accident, you need to call a pedestrian accident lawyer in Macon to get a free consultation.

A passenger accident lawyer in Macon has years of experience in dealing with similar type of cases. They understand the road safety laws, and can provide you with the best solution to make the most of your accident claim.

The Hurt 911 Injury Group has a proven track record of success in pedestrian accident litigations.

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