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The number of motorcycles on roads is increasing with each passing day. Survey reports have shown that rates of deaths and injuries in motorcycle accidents are far more than that of cars or other vehicles. In a research, it has been established that motorcycle drivers are at risk of almost 26 times to die in an accident and five times more prone to be injured in an accident. The most startling fact is that 96% of motorcycle accident cases are classified under personal injury cases. In majority of the cases, the results of motorbike accidents are severe. You can be severely injured and be confined to bed for several weeks or months, you can break body parts and need complete bed rest for recuperating, you might lose wages as you cannot go to work, and you might spend thousands of dollars in treatment. Overall, your family life might be completely jeopardized in such a situation.

When you are involved in such an accident, and you know for sure that you don’t have any fault in the same, you can always claim compensation for the losses that you have incurred in the accident. The compensation can be for the medical expenses and treatments you are undergoing, for the lost wages as you are not being able to go to work, and many other things. It is the liability of the accused person to settle the claims and pay the compensation amount. But it is not that easy to get compensation for motorcycle accidents. This is when we at 1-800-HURT911 can come to your help! We are a personal injury specialized law firm and have the best of personal injury attorneys in our panel. The best thing is that we have dedicated attorneys for dealing with specific kinds of personal injury cases, including that of motorbike accidents.

Claiming compensation for motorcycle accidents surely needs the assistance of motorcycle accident attorneys. If you face such a situation, do not waste time, and come to us immediately. Our lawyers will listen to your case completely, and we will try to help you in every possible way. Along with having the best lawyers in our team, we also have a team of doctors that can treat you while we prepare your case for presentation in court. In fact, we also have arrangements for taking you to the doctor from your home, and vice versa. Our lawyers will ask you in detail about the accident and take note of the same. We also make sure that we visit the location of the accident and gather evidence as much as possible. Medical reports are also collected for support. We know the tricks of the trade of presenting such accident cases in court so that you not only get justice, but also get the full compensation that you have claimed.

We charge no upfront money from our clients because we know that they have come to us in a period of crisis. Only after we get the compensation claim settled in court or otherwise, we take our fee, which is highly reasonable. If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, call us or write to us for consultation!

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