What Does ‘No Win, No Fee’ Means in Accident Claims?

Anyone who is injured in an accident is entitled to filing an accident claim if the accident is the other party’s fault. Everyone is aware of the legal rights of a victim after facing a fatal accident. However, the high cost of personal injury lawyers in Atlanta deters most of the accident victims to obtain necessary legal help while filing for the claim, even after knowing that the accident was not their fault.

The concept of ‘No win, No fee’ was introduced to resolve this dilemma and to give a fair chance to the victims of an accident to obtain compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Georgia.

1. What is No Win No Fee?

Reading the term twice or thrice, you can easily guess what the term implies. A ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement is a conditional fee agreement between the claimants and a Motor & Car Accident Attorney. As per the norms of the deal, if the compensation claim of the accident victim is unsuccessful, they don’t need to pay any contingency fee to the layer for their services.

The other terms and conditions may differ depending upon the personal injury lawyer Atlanta and the specific case. But there are a few standard things everyone should know about a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement.

2. How does No Win No Fee Work?

Like any other agreement the personal injury lawyer  you have hired with a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement will work with the same dedication and expertise on your case. They will review your case thoroughly and assess all the prospects for your situation. You need to share all the detailed and accurate information about your case at the initial stage of your claim.

If your Car Accident Attorney offers you a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement and you accept it, it means that you have no financial risk involved in your case. You will only be expected to pay the Atlanta Car Accident Attorney for their services after your case is concluded. The costs of the lawyer in such agreements are usually a percentage of the compensation awarded to the claimant.

3. What Happens if I lose my Accident Claim?

The terms of the payment and others are decided at the very initial stage of the case, even before the legal procedures start of applying for the accident claim. If the claimant loses the case, they do not owe a penny to the personal injury lawyer. If an insurance policy is taken to cover the additional costs like the medical expert fees, medical expenses, and court fees, then it is ensured that you are not out of pocket.

4. Is No Win No Fee Agreement Offered by All Lawyers?

The No Win No Fee agreement was introduced back in 1995. Personal injury lawyer offers No Win No Fee agreement to their clients, but the percentage of the claim they charge can be different in each case. While you are the one willing to go for a No Win No Fee agreement with the lawyer, many Car Accident Attorneys may reject your claim, while others may accept it.

5. What Happens if I Lose My No-Win-No-Fee Claim

The payment and terms are already agreed upon with a No-Win-No-Fee claim. Thus there is no worry about filing an accidental claim until the terms are finalized. The claimant owes no money to the personal injury lawyer if the case is lost. The claimant will not be out of money to get an insurance policy to cover additional expenditures such as medical expert fees, medical expenses, and court fees.

6. What Is the Fee for a No-Win-No-Fee Agreement

A conditional fee arrangement between claimants and a Motor & Car Accident Attorney is known as a “No-Win-No-Fee” agreement. According to the terms of the agreement, if the accident victim’s compensation claim is denied, they will not be required to pay a contingency fee to the lawyer for their services.

7. How Long Does a No-Win-No-Fee Claim Take?

If the treatment or care provider accepts liability right away, a No-Win-No-Fee claim could take anywhere between six to twelve months. For more difficult lawsuits, it could even take twelve to eighteen months if liability is disputed. Complicated cases may take a longer time.

8. Do the No-Win-No-Fee Claims Work?

If you have been hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, then having a No–Win-No-Fee arrangement with your lawyer removes the danger of filing a compensation claim. You will not be charged a fee if your solicitor is unsuccessful in assisting you with your compensation claim.

9. Why Do Lawyers Do a No-Win-No-Fee Agreement?

A contract with your personal injury lawyer is a conditional fee arrangement often characterized as a No-Win-No-Fee agreement. This indicates that if your compensation claim is dismissed, you will not have to pay an emergency charge for your lawyer’s services.

10. What Is the Catch With No-Win-No-Fee?

The ‘No-Win-No-Fee’ guarantee means that you can get legal help for your injury claim without having to pay any legal fees upfront. Any expenses you may be asked to pay later are contingent costs, which means that payment relies on a successful conclusion.

11. What Percentage Do No-Win-No-Fee Companies Take?

A success fee is that which your lawyer will charge you if your case is successful. This is usually a proportion of your total remuneration. In most No-Win-No-Fee instances, your lawyer will take 25% of the fee.

Some Car Accident Attorneys can charge you initially while assessing your case to understand if they can offer you a No Win No Fee agreement. But you don’t need to pay an initial consultation fee to file your claim of compensation.

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