Who do I Sue for A Car accident

Sue someone personally and negotiate your insurance claim with a car accident attorney. Morning or Afternoon Rush Hour driving in the traffic is never a fun activity. Car accidents are quite common in today’s time and can happen without warning. Sometimes the victim may not even have a clear understanding of the cause of the collision.  If you are the one who is injured, you probably have many questions in your mind. As of now medical expenses and cost of vehicle damages are not cheap, you might wonder who do I sue after a car accident?

Suing someone after a car accident is not a light decision to take on the spur of the moment. Because it is you who needs to go through the insurance company of the driver at fault for the reimbursements of your costs and not the driver himself or herself,

However, if you are looking for the answer to your question of who to sue after a car accident, a car accident attorney in Downtown Atlanta can help you with some information that you should know followed by legal help.

Who do I sue after a car accident?

In most of the cases, the lawsuit is needed to be filed against the driver who has caused the crash. A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta suggests that if there is another party involved in the accident, they may also be a part of that suit. For example, if the city authority is responsible for adverse conditions of the roads, it may be added as the defendants in the same lawsuit.

A car accident lawsuit is persuaded when the accident is severe and when the victim has suffered severe injury. If you are the one who has partially or fully contributed to the collision, the benefit of suing others is significantly limited.

If you are injured slightly and consider the other party at fault for emotional trauma, the court will consider those factors too depending upon the severity of the event, which has impacted you emotionally and mentally.

Suing a Driver

In most of the cases, the car accident attorney found that the drivers are the ones who are responsible for the accident. A driver’s negligence is the primary cause if an accident. Which simply means that the failure of taking precautions by the driver made him the one at fault. Bringing the appropriate driver in the case helps the claimant to access multiple insurance policies.

Suing the Vehicle Owner

If the driver who was driving the vehicle which caused an accident, a personal injury lawyer Atlanta can help the victim to sue the owner of the car under the theory of negligent entrustment. This is mostly relevant in the cases of teen driver accidents where the teenagers responsible for car accidents drive their parent’s cars. The key to the situation is to show that the owner should have known that the driver driving the vehicle was an unsafe driver. As per the personal injury lawyers, the negligent entrustment theory does not apply to cases such as stolen vehicle since the owner of the car is not aware of the one who was driving the car.

Suing an Employer

In many cases, a driver on duty causes an accident while hurting someone severely. If it is so, the employer of the car driver can be sued under vicarious liability with the help of a car accident attorney. In such instance, as the driver is not an independent contractor, the company who hired the driver can be dragged into the case. Negligent training, negligent supervision and negligent hiring are some of the other theories you can consider while suing an employer being the victim of the accident.

Suing the Car Manufacturers

This can be uncommon as compared to suing a driver directly. But a defective vehicle part can be a reason behind a car accident. Blowing out of the tires, brakes malfunction or a failure to deploy airbag can be the reason. You can bring the car manufacturer from the vehicle under the product liability theory with the help of a car accident attorney in Downtown Atlanta. The liability can be established by proving that the car which caused an accident was defective.

Being injured in a car accident is bad enough. Dealing with insurance companies for compensation is even worse. Reach out to The Hurt 911 Injury Group if you need to bring a lawsuit against the driver, employer or even the owner