How Much a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

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If the other party involved in a car accident is the one at fault, you are given the rights to file for accident compensation. To go through the claim process after being injured in a car accident, you may require hiring an auto accident chiropractor in Atlanta to know the value of your claim.

Many accidents victims who get injured severely in a car accident and require filing a lawsuit against the other party at fault, hold the misconception that they need to pay high fees to the car accident attorney Atlanta. The fear of losing high amounts for availing an attorney service is probably one of the main reasons why many victims try to claim their compensation fess all by themselves.

But how does an accident attorney charge?

After you meet an accident, you need to pay for many things including the hospital bills for your treatment and the cost of damages and loss of properties that you had during an accident.

A car accident attorney helps you throughout the process of your insurance claim which covers all the expenses you had after the accident.

Different car accident attorneys follow different ways of charging the fees for their services. Most of the accident lawyers charge contingency fees on a personal injury case they take. Which means that the lawyer or the law firm you have hired will not get paid unless the money is recovered in your case.

The contingency fees can be any fixed amount decided by the claimant and the car accident attorney Atlanta consensually. In many cases, the accident lawyer charges a percentage of the received amount from the car insurance settlement.

What is the contingency fees percentage?

This is hard to tell you a rigid number to be the percentage charged by an accident lawyer from the victim, as the percentage can be any number. But typically, the percentage range varies from 25 percent to 40 percent based on the deal decided by the claimant and the car accident attorney Atlanta and 33 percent is standard.

The percentage of a contingency fee varied based on many factors like the severity of the case, the number of parties at fault. If the case is settled before reaching the court, the contingency percentage may be on the lower side.

It is always important to talk to a car accident attorney about the contingency fee before starting the case while reviewing the legal contract for their legal services. The fee is also negotiable. You can always keep your say in front of the accident lawyer before accepting an offer given by them.

What are the fees and expenses covered by the contingency fee?

You also need to know the services that you get paying the contingency fee to your lawyer. In most of the cases the lawyer taking up your case take the responsibility of the upfront court fees, fees of an auto accident chiropractor and other expenses of litigation like obtaining medical reports, gathering evidence, police report etc.

Other accident lawyers may need the client to pay the fees mentioned above. If your contract states that you need to pay all the other expenses, the contingency fee percentage becomes lower than when your car accident attorney Decatur GA is paying for all those expenses.

Want an accident lawyer who worth the cost?

You must hire an accident lawyer who will be transparent with all the expenses and fees, rather than someone who will ignore. You may be able to do an insurance settlement without a lawyer, but when you choose to hire one, the value of your case rises quickly. If you are looking for expert car accident attorney Atlanta, call The Hurt 911 Injury Group.