How Long Does It Take to Heal from a Car Accident Soft Tissue Injury?

The blunt impact caused by a car crash often results in several soft tissue injuries on various parts of your body. Although most of them are not life threatening, they are very painful. If you suffered car accident soft tissue injury, the doctors at our Athens injury center will help you find relief from pain and make a full recovery.

Of course, one of your most important questions is: how long does it take to heal? When can I get back to work and my everyday life? It is important to understand that each body is unique and responds in a different way to trauma and treatment. However, these are the average healing periods for various types of soft tissue injuries resulting from a car crash:

1. Contusions

Contusions are better known as bruises. They occur as a result of a forceful impact, which causes the blood vessels in the tissues to break. Blood pools under the skin, showing up as a dark purple bruise.

Contusions are often accompanied by pain and swelling. However, they usually heal within 2 weeks. As the healing progresses, the bruise will change color to light purple, then a yellowish tint.

The treatment for contusions involves applying ice packs, and taking over the counter pain medication.

2. Strains

Strains are soft tissue injuries affecting the muscles and tendons. As your body is forced into unnatural positions as a result of the car crash, the muscles and tendons are pulled beyond their ability to extend.

Strains have various degrees of severity, from micro-tears to complete tear of the muscle tissue. Less severe forms of this car accident soft tissue injury will heal within 2-3 weeks, using NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), physiotherapy and the RICE method (rest, ice, compress and elevate).

If you suffered a complete muscle tear, you will probably need surgery, and the recovery timeline will be in the range of months.

3. Sprains

Sprains represent an over-stretching of the ligaments in a joint, especially the ankle. Just like strains, sprains range in severity from mild to very severe. A mild to moderate sprain usually heals within 2-3 weeks using the RICE method, taking pain medication and coming for physiotherapy sessions at our Athens injury center.

Severe sprains may require surgery and avoiding using the injured joint until it heals. This type of injury may take several months to heal.

you should not ignore any injuries after a car crash

4. Whiplash

Whiplash is also classified as a soft tissue injury, because it involves straining of the neck muscles. It occurs when the car comes to a sudden stop as a result of the collision with another vehicle. Due to inertia, your head will make a jerking movement forwards and backwards.

Whiplash causes neck pain and stiffness and even headaches. It is important to seek medical attention immediately after the accident, because you may also have suffered injuries to the head and spine – which are more dangerous than the initial symptoms.

The healing period depends on the severity of whiplash, from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months.

5. Cuts

Many car accident victims suffer cuts as a result of breaking glass and sharp metal shards. Most cuts require disinfecting and dressing and will heal in a few days. If the cuts are more severe, they may require stitching or even surgery and will take several weeks to heal.

Let the Doctors at Our Athens Injury Center Treat Your Injuries!

You should not ignore any kind of car accident soft tissue injury, such as cuts and bruises. They may be just the visible part of more severe internal injuries. Also, without a clear medical record and diagnostic tests linking the injuries to the crash, you may not be able to file a claim successfully and obtain compensation for your damages.

So, don’t forget to call 1-800-HURT911 after your accident and come to our Athens injury center for accurate diagnosis and treatment!