5 Steps to Follow After a Car Accident in Georgia

Points to Remember if You Involve in a Car Accident in Georgia

We pay attention to road safety by following rules and staying vigilant throughout the ride. Unfortunately, road accidents can still take place. Thus, along with road safety, you must also know about what to do after an accident.

An accident can be overwhelming and can leave you in a state of distress. To help you take the right actions during this phase of suffering, we have shared a few points that you need to keep in mind when dealing with such situations.

Step #1: Reach Out to the Police

The first and foremost step is to reach out to the police. It helps both you and the other person involved in the accident since informing the police adds to your credibility and helps you claim insurance. Many people run away from the scene of an accident, even if it is not their fault. It is advised not to do so.

Step #2: Remember All the Details from the Scene

Your insurance firm will ask you for all the details from the scene of the accident. The law puts the person responsible under an obligation to report the accident to their insurance firm. You would need to brief these details to your personal injury lawyer so that he/she can diligently handle your case.

It is necessary to gather and share all the details with your insurance company. These details include:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Vehicle information
  • Insurance policy and name of the firm
  • License plate number

Step #3: Call Your Insurance Company

Even when you are not responsible, you must inform your insurance company about the accident. They will provide you with a claim number.
Your insurance firm must be aware of the accident along with its correct location. You should also inform them if you are at fault or not.

Step #4: Seek Medical Help from a Professional

After an accident, you should visit a medical professional. Even if you don’t have any external injuries, you should get yourself examined. Many times, accidents lead to internal injuries that get discovered later.

If you notice any injures at the time of the accident, the insurance company covers the medical bills. However, even if the injury is from the accident, it won’t be covered if you inform them later.

Step #5: Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm

Contacting a personal injury law firm is one of the most crucial steps. People usually skip this step as they believe they can stand for themselves. However, there are many advantages of hiring an experienced law firm. It gives you the leverage of proving that you weren’t at fault.

If you have been the victim of the accident, a law firm will make sure you get compensated for all your damage and loss. A reliable personal injury lawyer will take care of everything for you, so it is recommended you hire them.

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