Symptoms of Car Accident Head Injury You Should Not Ignore

All types of injuries sustained in a traffic collision are serious, but any car accident head injury is particularly dangerous. The doctors at our Atlanta injury center know that these injuries are not always visible. The skull may be intact, but the brain could have suffered physical damage that could put your life in danger.

Ideally, you should seek medical attention immediately after the accident. This is the best course of action both for your wellbeing and for the success of your legal claim. Whatever may prevent you from doing this, make sure that you come to our center for complete diagnostic tests if you experience any of these symptoms:

1. Headaches and Migraines

Some people experience headaches immediately after the car crash and this is what determines them to go to the hospital. However, this symptom may start several days later. The severity of the headaches and migraines caused by car accident head injury varies from mild to debilitating, preventing you from performing any daily activity.

The most common causes of these headaches are whiplash, concussion and neck injuries. All of them need medical attention, because you may be left with impairment, such as chronic pain.

2. Vertigo and Dizziness

You should not ignore any episode of loss of balance, nausea or vertigo (the sensation that everything spins fast around you). After a car accident, these are some of the symptoms of traumatic brain injury, one of the most severe types of car crash injuries.

In some cases, you may need surgery to drain excess fluid from your brain or complete bed rest under medical supervision.

3. Memory Loss and Confusion

Short term memory loss and brain fog are also symptoms of traumatic brain injury. For most people, the first few days after a traffic accident are blurred, due to shock and emotional trauma.

However, if you notice that you still can’t remember anything about the accident or what happened the following day, you should definitely come to our Atlanta injury center. We will perform X-rays, MRI or CT scan to identify the type of injury and determine the correct course of treatment.

The same recommendation is valid if you find yourself unable to focus on tasks that you usually found simple and easy to do. This symptom of car accident head injury is often the result of brain swelling, bleeding inside the brain or physical damage to the brain tissue.

head injuries require immediate medical attention

4. Personality Changes

The brain controls everything about us, including our moods and behaviors. If you notice or are told by your loved ones that you’ve become irritable and prone to mood changes after a car crash, you should see a doctor immediately.

Any significant personality change can be caused by brain injury, specifically to the frontal lobe of the brain. Left untreated, this injury may have a life-long impact on your ability to regulate your moods and emotions, among others.

5. Sleep Problems

Head injuries after a car accident may cause various types of sleep issues, such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty staying asleep and reaching REM sleep
  • Sleep apnea – a condition in which your breath repeatedly stops and starts during sleep.

All these issues are serious and have a negative impact on your overall health in the long term. However, sleep apnea may even trigger very serious conditions, such as cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure or type II diabetes.

Come to Our Atlanta Injury Center after a Car Accident!

Do not walk away from a car crash believing that you were lucky to escape without a scratch. Car accident head injuries are not always visible and do not show symptoms immediately, but they are extremely dangerous if left untreated.

Instead, come to our Atlanta injury center to receive complete diagnostic tests and the full attention of our team of experienced doctors.

Prioritize your health above anything else and call 1-800-HURT911 right after your car accident!