5 Tips for Maximizing Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

No matter how careful you are, you can be involved in a car crash. If you were injured in a crash that wasn’t your fault, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party-at-fault.

After filing your personal injury lawsuit, you want to do everything legally you can to maximize your compensation. Here are some tips to maximize compensation in a personal injury case.

Get Medical Treatment

See a personal injury doctor as soon as possible after an accident. If you wait too long to seek medical attention, your insurance company may try to underplay your injuries, or claim that your injuries resulted from a pre-existing condition.

If your insurance company or the party at fault’s legal team is successful in proving their claims, the court may not award you any compensation at all, or you may receive only a fraction of what you deserve.

Preserve Evidence

Courts do not take anything on face value. You will need to provide evidence to support your claim. Preserve evidence such as photographs from the accident scene, photographs of the vehicles involved, eyewitness statements, and your copy of the police report. The more credible evidence you have, the stronger your case.

Avoid Social Media Mistakes

Any and every information that you post on social media can be used against you. Do not share details (including photographs from the accident scene) about your accidents or injuries. Avoid sharing medical information online.

To prevent your insurance company or the opposing party’s legal team from visiting your social media accounts to gather evidence, set all profiles to private. Ask your friends and family members to be more responsible and think twice before posting any information related to you.

Do not delete posts or information that you have already shared on your social media. If a court discovers that you deleted something, you may be accused of destroying evidence.

Do Not Forget to Include Future Damages

When calculating the value of your claim, remember to include any future damages you may incur as a result of your injury. Talk to your doctor about long-term treatment costs (can include the costs of multiple surgeries, physical therapy, hospital visits and stays, and medicines).

Work with your accident lawyer in Decatur to understand how your injury can affect different aspects of your life and your future earning capacity.

Do Not Be Too Eager to Settle Your Case

While you may want to settle your case quickly, do not accept just any offer that comes your way. Trust your counsel. Ask the professional to evaluate every offer. Be patient, and let your attorney negotiate on your behalf.

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