Can a Chiropractor Help With Nerve Damage After an Accident?

Most people involved in a car accident know they’re injured right away. They can see that they’re bleeding. Or they feel the pain associated with a broken arm. However, nerve damage can take longer to manifest. Once it does, you may be wondering if an Athens chiropractor can help.

How Can a Car Accident Cause Nerve Damage?

Many people don’t think about nerve damage when they think about car accident injuries. They tend to think of broken bones, internal injuries, and back injuries. The truth is that a lot of these injuries can lead to nerve damage.

Here are some of the more common ways in which a car accident can cause nerve damage.


Whiplash is a neck injury that happens when your head is violently thrown back and forth during a crash. In addition to soreness and stiffness, whiplash can also cause a pinched nerve.

This is an injury that is commonly treated by a chiropractor. They will massage and stretch your neck until the pinched nerve works itself loose.

Arm and Shoulder Injuries

Many injuries to the arms and shoulder area involve nerve damage. When any part of your body is inflamed or crushed, you’re liable to suffer a pinched nerve. Your chiropractor can do a series of adjustments and manipulations to help relieve the pain and burning sensations associated with nerve damage.

Back Injuries

Many back injuries, especially herniated discs, can lead to nerve damage. Many back injuries can be treated effectively by an Athens chiropractor. All you have to do is come into our treatment center.

Neck Injuries

Most people aren’t surprised to learn that neck injuries can involve nerve damage. Depending on how your neck is exposed during the accident, there’s a good chance that you may suffer a pinched nerve or another type of nerve damage.

We suggest that you come into our Athens treatment center and let us run diagnostic tests. Our team can then craft a care plan that will address both your nerve damage and the underlying injuries.

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What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Nerve Damage?

It usually doesn’t take long for an accident victim to realize they have nerve damage. The pain associated with this kind of injury is tremendous. Not only is it intense, but the pain also never lets up.

Many of the people who come to our Athens treatment center complain about their nerve pain. Some don’t even know where it’s coming from. They just know that they need relief, and they need it quickly.

Some of the more common symptoms that accompany nerve damage include the following:

  • Tingling in the extremities
  • Numbing in the fingers or toes
  • Intense pain, especially in the affected area
  • Inflammation and tenderness
  • Burning

If you feel any of these things, there’s a good chance you have a pinched nerve. You could have some other type of nerve damage as well. For example, any damage to your sciatic nerve can cause a tremendous, burning pain down the entire length of your leg.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat Your Nerve Pain?

You may wonder how an Athens chiropractor can help someone with nerve damage. Chiropractors specialize in adjusting the human body to help relieve pain and tightness.

Oftentimes, nerve pain happens because an inflamed muscle is pressing on the nerve. Your chiropractor will manipulate your body to help move the muscle away from the irritated nerve. They can then offer massage or even electrical nerve stimulation to offer immediate relief.

At some point, the nerve will become irritated again. This is why the experts at our Athens treatment center suggest continued therapy to allow you to gradually recover from whatever underlying injury you suffered in your car accident.

Contact Our Athens Treatment Center As Soon as Possible After Your Accident

We understand how terrifying it must be to learn that you’ve suffered nerve damage. Not only is it extremely painful, but this injury can cause long-term problems. That’s why we recommend you come to our Athens treatment center right away and see one of our chiropractors.

All you have to do is call our office at 855-475-2588 and schedule your free, initial assessment. We’ll have you come into the office so we can review your medical records and perform the necessary diagnostic tests.

There’s no reason to suffer the pain and discomfort of nerve damage any longer than necessary. Come in so you can visit with an experienced chiropractor and get started on the road to recovery.