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Computerized tomography, popularly known as CT scan, is a combination of computer technology and x-ray science. It produces more focused and informative pictures compared to traditional x-rays. CT scans can provide clear images of your organs, soft tissues, spinal cord, bones, and intervertebral discs.

In addition, the advanced mechanism of CT scan allows radiologists to produce the images in gray, white, or black tones. In fact, they can also make color images of the scans if the doctor recommends.

CT scans help diagnose different spinal disorders, such as fractures, tumors, infections, degenerative disc diseases, nerve impingement, and herniated or bulging discs. If your doctor suspects that you may have one of these problems, she/he may ask you to go for a CT scan in Atlanta.

At Hurt 911 Injury Centers, we can perform your CT scan without charging a steep price. We provide a variety of diagnostic services in Atlanta. Call us at 855-475-2588, show your doctor’s prescription, and we can arrange for your scan as soon as possible.

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What Is a CT Scan and How Does it Work?

A CT scan involves the use of a rotating x-ray machine and computers that create cross-sectional images of your body. These images provide clear details of the injures in your blood vessels, soft tissues, bones, and other parts of your body. Doctors recommend CT scans when they want to diagnose injuries in your chest, knee, abdomen, heart, spine, shoulders, and head.

During a CT scan, you may feel like going inside a tunnel-like machine. You need to lie still while the machine rotates inside. The rotating x-ray machine captures quite a few images to give a clear idea of the condition of your injury.

A radiologist then sends the images to a computer, where it combines the slices of images of the cross-sections of your body. Sometimes, the radiologist may also produce a 3D image of the injured area if the doctor recommends it.

The radiologist directs the x-rays at specific angles to examine your injured area. A detector on the opposite side transmits the data from the x-rays directly to the computer. Then, the computer analyses the data, renders your body’s cross-sectional images, and gives information about your injury’s condition.

The radiologist can display the images on his computer monitor, print them as x-ray films, or store them as computer files.

A CT scan involves the use of a rotating x-ray machine and computers that create cross-sectional images of your body.

For What Are CT Scans Used?

CT scans are useful for diagnosing various diseases and also evaluating different injuries. Your doctor may advise you to go for a CT scan in Atlanta for the following reasons:

  • Diagnosing muscle disorders, bone fractures, or infections.
  • Pinpointing the location of tumors and masses.
  • Assessing the amount of internal bleeding, internal injuries, and internal hemorrhage.
  • Studying internal structures of your body, such as blood vessels.
  • Guiding in various procedures like biopsies and surgeries.
  • Monitoring whether the treatments for specific medical conditions like heart disease or cancer are effective or not.

These scans are minimally invasive and don’t take much time to conduct.

What Is a CT Scan With Contrast?

Sometimes, doctors suggest patients perform a CT scan with contrast. A contrast material is a special dye required in some CT scans to highlight a few specific areas of your body. The dye blocks the x-rays and therefore appears as white on the images, thus emphasizing your intestines, blood vessels, tissues, and other structures.

The radiologist can give you the contrast material in three ways:

  • Mouth – You need to swallow a liquid containing the contrast material. It helps to scan your stomach and esophagus. The drink is not pleasant to taste.
  • Injection – The radiologist may also inject the contrast agent through a vein to take clear images of your urinary tract, blood vessels, liver, or gallbladder. You may feel warm as the contrast agent enters your body.
  • Enema – In this case, the radiologist will insert the contrast material through your rectum to visualize your intestines. You may feel uncomfortable and bloated during this procedure.

CT scan in Atlanta

How Do You Prepare for a CT Scan?

You don’t need any special preparation for a CT scan. However, you may have the do the following depending on where the radiologist is performing the test:

  • Take off a part or all of your clothes and wear the hospital gown that the radiologist provides.
  • Take off any metal objects you may have, such as jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, and belts. Metal objects usually interfere with the scans and do not provide clear images.
  • Try not to eat or drink anything a few hours before the scan.

What Can You Expect During a CT Scan?

Our CT scan in Atlanta is popular because we don’t take much time to conduct the tests. The entire process hardly takes 30 minutes. Make sure you come a few minutes before your appointment time so that we can complete the paperwork fast.

During the procedure, the radiologist may ask you to enter a narrow, tunnel-like machine that has a doughnut-shaped door. He will strap your knees so that you can’t move. The table may come with a fitted cradle if the radiologist has to scan your head. He will slowly push you into the tunnel and start the scanner.

The x-ray tubes and detectors rotate as you lie down. Each rotation provides multiple slices that the radiologist later stitches into images. Expect to hear whirring and buzzing noises when the machine rotates. You can go back home or return to normal everyday activities once the test is over.

Do CT Scans Carry Any Risks?

CT Scan

Although there are only a few risks associated with these scans, you should be careful if your child goes through multiple CT scans. CT scans can expose people to radiation more than x-rays. This increases the risk of cancer by a very small amount. However, this is only applicable if you have multiple scans.

Children who undergo multiple CT scans are also at a slightly higher risk of chest and abdomen cancer. Additionally, the contrast material may also cause allergic reactions. The radiologist and your doctor will suggest steroids or allergy medication to deal with these problems.

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