What Injuries Are Typically Caused by a Hit and Run Accident?

In most car accidents, both drivers involved stick around, exchange insurance information and cooperate with the police investigation. Unfortunately, there are times when the person who smashes into your car or SUV takes off. These hit and run accidents are just as serious as any other crash. 

The biggest problem if you’ve been involved in a hit and run is finding a way to be compensated for your injuries. The good news is that our Atlanta injury center is able to treat people who’ve been injured in a hit and run accident. Before we design any sort of treatment plan, we always run all the necessary diagnostic tests to confirm the nature and extent of your injuries.

Here, we will discuss the various types of injuries most of our patients suffer in a hit and run accident. We will also explain how the practitioners at our Atlanta injury center deal with these injuries. If you still have questions or concerns about your own hit and run accident, contact our office as soon as possible.

What Type of Vehicle Were You Driving at the Time of the Accident?

The seriousness of your physical injuries will depend largely on the type of vehicle you were driving at the time of the crash. If you were driving a large truck or SUV, your injuries may not be that bad. For example, you may suffer a few broken bones. For the most part, however, you’ll manage to make a full recovery with the help of our Atlanta injury center. 

If, on the other hand, you were riding a motorcycle or bicycle, your injuries will likely be much more devastating. You may suffer a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. Our goal is to assess your physical condition and determine what injuries you’ve suffered. Next, we devise a plan to treat your hit and run accident injuries as quickly and as safely as possible.

You Will Likely Suffer Neck and Back Injuries

Many of our clients who have been involved in a hit and run accident suffer neck and back injuries. The impact of the crash alone is often enough to jostle your entire body. You may suffer a herniated or slipped disk. You could even suffer nerve damage or a spinal cord injury

These injuries can be treated in a variety of ways. For example, once you have undergone whatever surgeries you need, you may benefit from chiropractic care. The same is true if you’ve suffered a neck injury.

Neck injuries can be tricky. The practitioners at our Atlanta injury center would never go about treating a neck injury without running tests. The neck is one of the most delicate parts of the human body. One false move and you could end up paralyzed. 

Until we know exactly how bad your neck injury is, we will not proceed with any sort of treatment. Once it is clear as to the nature of your neck injury, our specialists will come up with a care plan that will help you make a full recovery in a reasonable amount of time.

Atlanta injury center doctor assisting patient

Many Patients at Our Atlanta Injury Center Suffered Broken Bones

It’s not unusual for someone in a hit and run accident to suffer broken bones. You could break your arm, leg, or your wrist. Typically, when you go to the emergency room, the doctors there will recommend surgery to reset the broken bone. You will then need to wear a cast for a certain period of time. 

Once the cast is removed, you will likely need to  undergo physical therapy at our Atlanta injury center. The practitioners handling your case will help you increase your range of motion. They will also ensure that you do daily exercises to strengthen your limbs. Gradually, you will make a full recovery. You just don’t want to rush ahead too quickly, or you could aggravate the injury and set back your progress. 

Hit and Run Accidents Cal Also Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

It doesn’t matter how serious your hit and run accident was, you may suffer a brain injury. When someone suffers a severe blow to the head, they run the risk of experiencing a traumatic brain injury. These injuries can be more dangerous than most other injuries. 

One of the reasons they are so scary is that you may not know you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury until it’s too late. If left untreated, this type of injury can prove fatal. 

That’s why the medical professionals at our Atlanta injury center run the necessary diagnostic tests right away. They will check to see if you have any brain injury. If you do, they will need to determine the best course of action. This could include surgery. 

Practitioners at Our Atlanta Injury Center Will Run All Necessary Tests

As mentioned briefly above, the agents at our Atlanta injury center will not proceed with any treatment right away. It’s important that we run the necessary diagnostic tests to determine how bad your injuries are. 

This will allow us to craft a treatment plan that will help you make a gradual and, hopefully, full recovery. 

If You’ve Been Injured in a Hit and Run Accident, Contact Our Atlanta Injury Center Right Away

If you or your loved one have been hurt in a hit and run accident, you should contact us immediately. Our Atlanta injury center has been around for years, helping motor vehicle accident victims. You can come to our center, and we will complete a full assessment. This allows us to determine the nature and severity of your injuries. 

Once we have run the necessary diagnostic tests, we will carefully design a treatment plan for you. This may include chiropractic treatment or physiotherapy. It all depends on the types of injuries you’ve suffered. Our goal is to help you make a full recovery.