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We all are aware of the fact that the number of vehicles running on roads is increasing with each passing day. The roads have become congested, and traffic is on the rise. In such a condition, if a driver is driving in a drunken state, it is a recipe for disaster without a doubt. Drunk driving accidents are common and can become really dangerous. The roads become risky with intoxicated drivers. Medical reports prove that a drunk driver behind the wheels has very low reaction time. Not only this, his concentration on the road is impaired and hindered drastically. Some of the deadliest accidents have been caused by drunk drivers leaving the victim with serious and severe permanent injuries, and in worse cases, with fatalities. Speeding, wrong-way driving, cutting across lanes, weaving, etc. are some of the causes of accidents by drunk drivers. If you or your loved one is a victim of such a catastrophic accident, it is recommended to get in touch with drunk driving accident attorneys in Marietta so that you can claim compensation for the losses incurred in the accident.

We are 1-800-HURT911, a law firm based in Marietta dealing with almost all kinds of personal injury cases, including that of drunk driving cases. We have some of the best and renowned drunk driving accident attorneys in our panel who can help you in case of such nasty accidents. By working with us, you can be assured of getting the compensation that you deserve by proving that the callousness of the drunken driver led to the accident and caused losses for you. Our attorneys have a great track record in such cases, and have helped their clients in getting justice and the best possible compensation from the accused party. The value of the compensation will depend on the extent of the injuries sustained, on the medical expenses that have been incurred, or on lost wages if the person is unable to go to work after the accident. For fatal cases, the family of the victim receives the compensation from the party at fault. Along with severe injuries, organ damages, amputations, and so on, there are also cases of property damage in a drink and drive accident. Compensation for such losses are also claimed.

You might not know, but drunk driving laws vary from one state to another in the US. If you have met with an accident in Marietta, you will be covered by the laws of the state along with the federal law. Our drunk driving accident attorneys in Marietta at 1-800-HURT911 know these laws very well, and also remain updated if there are any changes or upgradation in the laws. We will take details of your case by listening to you minutely. For validating the facts, we will collect necessary documents and medical reports and other important papers. We also go to the spot of the accident, and try and gather evidence from the place. Once all the things are in hand, we draft the case and present the same in court. Call us or write to us today for booking a consultation on drunk driving accident.


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