What Kind of Truck Accident Injuries Do We Treat at Our Injury Center in Atlanta?

People who are involved in truck accidents tend to suffer life-threatening injuries. The physical therapists and chiropractors at our injury center in Atlanta help treat people with serious truck accident injuries. Our goal is to help you make a safe and gradual recovery.

Truck Accident Injuries Tend to Be More Serious Than Other Accident Injuries

It’s one thing to be involved in a car accident. You may suffer broken bones, lacerations, and even back injuries. However, truck accident injuries tend to be much more serious. This is due, in large part, to the fact that tractor-trailers are big, powerful machines.

If you’re hit by a large truck while in a car or SUV, the impact will be tremendous. The clients at our injury center in Atlanta come to us with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even burn injuries.

Tractor Trailer Accidents Are the Most Serious of All Truck Accidents

There’s a reason why so many people avoid tractor-trailers when they’re on the highway. They’re intimidating, to say the least. The idea that one of these machines could crash into us is enough to keep us at a safe distance.

Unfortunately, there are times when you can’t escape a truck accident. It doesn’t matter how careful truck drivers are, they are responsible for a vehicle ten or twenty times the size of other cars on the road.

Passenger Vehicles Cannot Withstand the Impact of a Big Truck Accident

Tractor-trailer accidents are akin to the “David versus Goliath” battles people talk about. There is no way somebody driving a passenger vehicle can withstand the impact of a big truck.

Even if the truck driver is only going 45 miles per hour, it can still cause a serious accident. When a tractor-trailer is going that fast, there’s no telling what can happen. If that truck crashes into you, there’s a good chance you’ll suffer life-changing injuries.

It Is Usually the Person Driving the Car or SUV That is Seriously Injured

The dangerous thing about big truck accidents is that the person who causes the accident often walks away unharmed. This is not to say that truckers are always at fault. There are times when a person driving a car or SUV is responsible for the crash.

Many truck accident victims come to our injury center in Atlanta for treatment. We offer a variety of services to help them recover from their truck accident victims. While there are times when a patient cannot make a full recovery, we do our best to help them reach maximum medical improvement.

Truckers Often Walk Away from These Accidents Unscathed

The ironic thing about truck accidents is that many truck drivers manage to escape the crash with minimal injuries. They are cocooned inside a large, powerful machine. Sometimes, they don’t even feel the impact when their truck hits another vehicle.

This doesn’t mean that truckers always walk away from an accident. In fact, we treat many truck drivers at our injury center in Atlanta. They are on the road so many hours a day, they are more likely to get into a crash than regular drivers.

A car hit by a tractor-trailor

You May Be Left Partially or Totally Disabled

As you can imagine, many of our clients have suffered severe truck accident injuries. Some are partially disabled as a result of their accident. Others have suffered a spinal cord injury and will never walk again.

Regardless of the type of injuries our clients are suffering, we do our best to help them resume a normal life. Sometimes this means that we teach them how to navigate their new world in a wheelchair. Other times we teach them how to walk again.

How We Diagnose Truck Accident Injuries

When truck accident victims come to our injury center in Atlanta for the first time, we do a thorough assessment. We run the necessary diagnostic tests to determine what injuries they are suffering from.

Some of these tests include the following:

  • X-Rays
  • CT Scans
  • MRI
  • Neurological examination
  • Physical examination
  • Ultrasound

Once we determine the extent of their truck accident injuries, we can work as a team to design their care plan.

Many Truck Accident Victims Require Extensive Treatment

There are a variety of therapies we can offer. If you’ve suffered a neck or back injury, we have chiropractors on staff who can provide massage and adjustments. We also have physical therapists who can help you recover post-surgery.

The type of treatment we perform will depend on several things:

  • The seriousness of your injuries
  • Your medical condition prior to the accident
  • Your age
  • Your physical condition
  • Your mobility
  • Your response to treatment

If we feel that you aren’t responding well to one treatment, we will try something else.

We Offer Chiropractic Services and Physical Therapy at Our Injury Center in Atlanta

Our injury center in Atlanta offers both chiropractic services and physical therapy. The type of treatment we offer will depend on your specific injuries.

Some of the more common truck accident injuries we see include:

These are all serious injuries. Some of our clients require surgery before they visit our injury center in Atlanta. It all depends on their physical condition immediately after the crash.

Call and Schedule Your Initial Assessment at Our Injury Center in Atlanta

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, then you already know how painful your injuries can be. The practitioners at our injury center in Atlanta treat people who have been involved in all sorts of accidents.

We recommend that you contact our injury center in Atlanta so you can have your initial assessment done. This will give us a chance to determine the nature and extent of your truck accident injuries. From there, we will design a treatment plan to help you on your road to recovery.