Finding Relief for Back Pain through Chiropractic in College Park

Back pain is one of the most common health issues among U.S. adults. Resulting from an accident or from years of wear and tear of the spine, this type of pain is extremely debilitating and reduces the person’s ability to go about their daily business. At our College Park injury center, a team of experienced professionals are ready to help you feel better through chiropractic for back pain.

This non-invasive treatment is extremely effective and can be used as a long-term pain management option by all patients, including the elderly. Let us discuss the main benefits of chiropractic care for back pain.

1. Chiropractic Has Very Few Contraindications

Many patients are living with constant back pain because most painkillers give them unpleasant side effects. Or they cannot take them together with their ongoing treatment for other conditions.

Chiropractic does not have many contraindications, except for very specific conditions, such as severe osteoporosis and spine cancer. Otherwise, it is safe even for the most vulnerable patients, such as pregnant women and older adults. Basically, it involves manipulations and massages using only the hands.

2. Spinal Alignment Resolves Unhealed Trauma

Many patients suffer from back pain due to a spine injury that did not heal properly. In many cases, the vertebrae in the spine are not perfectly aligned one on top of the other. This is called a misalignment and can be a cause of pain, because it puts pressure on various nerves, which send pain signals to the brain.

One of the main goals of chiropractic for back pain is to restore the proper alignment of the vertebrae. The incompletely healed injury is resolved and the cause of pain disappears.

3. Improved Blood Flow Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pain

If you suffer from back pain due to a recent trauma, such as a car crash or sport accident, chances are the main cause is inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s response to injury. However, if it is left to its own devices, your body may not be able to heal muscle tears or strained ligaments properly and in a short time.

Chiropractic manipulations and massages reduce the inflammation and restore the proper blood flow to the affected area. This will help you find relief from pain and also reduce the risk of scar tissue formation at the injury site.

a chiropractor can alleviate chronic back pain

4. Restoring the Range of Motions

The chiropractors at our College Park injury center focus on helping you regain the physical condition prior to the accident or constant wear and tear causing back pain. The adjustments, massages and stretches they recommend aim to:

  • Help your muscles recover flexibility
  • Recover the full range of motions in the back
  • Regain muscle strength after years of avoiding using them.

You can not only find relief from pain, but also discover that you are able once again to enjoy active hobbies that you have given up.

5. Prevent Future Injuries

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to your treatment. They will make sure that you can avoid future injuries by:

  • Strengthening your muscles
  • Teaching you exercises you can do at home to stay fit
  • Recommending diet and lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing
  • Helping you maintain a correct gait while walking, running and lifting weights.

Find Relief from Back Pain at Our College Park Injury Center

Back pain will not go away by itself if you ignore it. Instead, it will get worse and will limit your ability to enjoy life and do simple everyday activities. Also, taking painkillers is not a good solution for the long term, because your body will get used to them and you will have to take unsafe doses to experience pain relief.

The best solution is choosing chiropractic for back pain – a safe and effective therapy which you can use as a long-term pain management option.

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