Decompression Therapy

Decompression therapy is a chiropractic technique used to relieve pressure on pinched nerves or spinal discs. It is commonly used with conditions such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and facet joint syndrome. This therapeutic approach aims to relieve pressure on the spinal discs and nerves, promoting healing, and restoring functionality to the affected areas.

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Understanding Decompression Therapy

Decompression therapy utilizes a traction-based technique to gently stretch the spine and create negative pressure within the intervertebral discs. This negative pressure helps retract herniated or bulging discs, reducing compression on spinal nerves and facilitating the flow of nutrients, oxygen, and fluids into the affected disc tissues.

The process of decompression therapy typically involves the use of a specialized traction table or device, where the patient lies comfortably while the spine is gently stretched and decompressed. During the treatment session, the chiropractor carefully controls the traction force and angle to target specific areas of the spine, tailoring the therapy to meet the individual needs of the patient.

Decompression therapy sessions typically last between 20 to 30 minutes, with patients often undergoing a series of treatments over several weeks to achieve optimal results. During each session, patients may experience a gentle pulling or stretching sensation in the spine, but the treatment is generally painless and some patients find it relaxing.

Types of Decompression Therapy

One common type of decompression therapy is known as spinal decompression therapy, which specifically targets the lumbar or cervical spine depending on the location of the patient’s symptoms. Lumbar decompression therapy focuses on the lower back region, whereas cervical decompression therapy addresses issues in the neck and upper spine. Both techniques aim to alleviate pressure on spinal discs, relieve nerve impingement, and restore proper alignment and function to the spine.

In addition to spinal decompression therapy, there are other forms of decompression techniques used in chiropractic care, such as manual decompression and mechanical decompression. Manual decompression involves hands-on manipulation by the chiropractor to gently stretch and decompress the vertebrae, while mechanical decompression utilizes specialized equipment and devices to apply traction forces to the spine.

Use in Chiropractic Care

Decompression therapy aims to relieve pressure on the spinal discs and nerves, especially for patients with conditions such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and facet joint syndrome.

Decompression therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or as part of a comprehensive chiropractic care plan, depending on the nature and severity of the patient’s condition. It is often recommended for individuals experiencing chronic back pain, sciatica, radiating arm or leg pain, muscle weakness, and other symptoms associated with spinal disc disorders.

While decompression therapy can provide significant relief for many patients, it is essential to undergo a thorough evaluation and consultation with a qualified chiropractor to determine if this treatment is appropriate for your specific condition.

Chiropractors will assess your medical history, perform a physical examination, and may order diagnostic tests such as X-rays or MRI scans to accurately diagnose your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.


Decompression therapy is a valuable therapeutic approach in chiropractic care that offers safe, effective, and non-invasive relief for individuals suffering from spinal disc disorders and related conditions. By gently stretching and decompressing the spine, this treatment helps alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore overall spinal health, allowing patients to enjoy a better quality of life and enhanced well-being.

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