Is It Going to Be Painful to See a Chiropractor in Athens?

Many of the people who come to see a chiropractor in Athens are hesitant. If you’ve never seen a chiropractor before, you may be a little afraid. The truth is that most of the patients at our Athens injury center feel much better after their session.

Most People Who Come to See Our Chiropractors in Athens Are Already in Pain

There is usually a good reason why someone would come to our Athens injury center. They are probably also suffering from a painful injury. Or, if they’re like a lot of our clients, they’ve been in chronic pain for years.

If this describes your situation, there is a good chance you’ll benefit from seeing a chiropractor in Athens. Studies have shown that many people feel better after just one session.

Of course, the whole point of chiropractic care is to gradually increase your mobility and range of motion.

Many of the Patients at Our Athens Injury Center Suffer from Debilitating Injuries

Many of the patients at our Athens injury center come to us after they’ve been involved in a serious accident. Some of them were involved in tractor-trailer accidents. They suffered serious neck and back injuries.

One of the ways these accident victims can restore their mobility is through chiropractic care. There are some days when their session with their chiropractor in Athens lasts ten minutes. There are other times when it lasts a half hour. It all depends on how you feel when you come into the office.

Our Chiropractors in Athens Help Many People with Painful Back Injuries

Many of the people who come to our Athens injury center do so to take advantage of our chiropractors in Athens. Some of them are suffering from devastating back injuries. There are even some clients who had back surgery and are building back their strength.

One assumption people make is that we only treat people who were in motor vehicle accidents. The truth is that we have clients who come from all walks of life. For example, some of our clients are a little older. They suffer from spinal stenosis and they feel the immediate benefits of chiropractic care.

Some of Our Clients Were Involved in Serious Auto Accidents

If you were involved in a serious car accident, you may have injured various parts of your body. Of course, our chiropractors in Athens won’t be able to help you if you suffered a wrist or ankle injury.

The main auto accident injuries that we treat at our Athens injury center include the following:

  • Herniated discs
  • Neck injuries
  • Bursitis
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Hip stiffness
  • Sciatica pain

The only way to know for sure if our chiropractors in Athens can help you is to come into the office. We can run the necessary diagnostic tests to see what kind of issues you’re dealing with.

Chiropractic care is not painful

Other Patients Are Dealing with Terrible Neck Pain

If you have ever suffered from chronic neck pain, you know how it can interfere with your life. Some of our clients are not able to work because of their neck pain. Many cannot drive.

After they have seen one of our chiropractors in Athens, they slowly start to feel better. When people ask us if it is painful to see one of our chiropractors, it’s hard to answer that question.

It may be painful to undergo an adjustment. However, it is nowhere near as painful as what our patients feel when they come into the office.

You May Have Been Hurt in a Workplace Accident

Some people get hurt on the job and are out on workers’ compensation for a few weeks. Once their doctor says they are fit to return to work, they have to go back. Unfortunately, many of these workers are still in a great deal of pain.

What they do is come to see us a few nights a week. They insist that chiropractic care is the only thing that makes their pain bearable.

When You First See Your Chiropractor in Athens, It May Hurt a Bit

It would be a bit naïve to think that you won’t feel any pain the first time you see a chiropractor in Athens. Your body has been building up stiffness for years. The first time you get an adjustment, it may hurt a bit.

What you will realize is that, with each visit, you will start to feel better. We have a lot of patients who ask if they can come in for an extra session because they feel much better after they’ve been to our Athens injury center.

As Your Joints Become Lubricated and Loose, the Pain Decreases

One way to describe what happens when your body is touched by a chiropractor in Athens for the first time is to envision the tin man from a famous movie. As the characters in the film add oil to his joints, he starts to feel looser.

When a client comes to see one of our chiropractors, they are tight like the tin man. The chiropractor gives them an adjustment. They start to loosen up. Each time they see a chiropractor in Athens, they loosen up even more.

Within a matter of weeks, your pain should subside.

Most Patients at Our Athens Injury Center Feel Much Better After Seeing Their Chiropractor in Athens

There are some people who insist that they will never see a chiropractor in Athens again. They complain that they experienced a lot of pain when they got their first adjustment.

What we will say is that, if your body is very stiff, you will feel something when your chiropractor in Athens does your adjustment. However, any pain or discomfort you may have felt is often gone within seconds.

You Should Call Our Athens Injury Center and Meet with One of Our Seasoned Chiropractors in Athens

If you have never been to a chiropractor in Athens, you have no idea how beneficial it can be. If you’re suffering from any kind of chronic pain, you should visit our Athens injury center. You can undergo your initial assessment and one of our practitioners will draw up your treatment plan.