What is the average length of time for injuries sustained in car accidents?

When you come to our Atlanta treatment center, it’s only natural to want to know how long you will need to be treated for your car accident injuries. It can be rather inconvenient to have to go to your doctor’s appointments two or three times a week.

Even if you are only working light duty or part-time hours, it can be difficult to travel back and forth to these appointments for weeks or months on end. We understand this. At the same time, however, we need to do what we can to properly treat your car accident injuries.

We suggest you come into the office for your initial assessment so that we can give you a better idea as to what to expect. We can describe the various treatment options we have available and you can let us know what your preferences are.

Here, we will briefly discuss how long it may take for you to fully recover from your car accident injuries. We’ve also explained why it’s not a good idea to put yourself on a rigid deadline since everybody heals at their own pace and in their own time.

How Serious Was Your Car Accident?

One of the first questions our intake staff will ask you is how serious your car accident was. In order for our Atlanta treatment center to help you recover as quickly as possible, we need to know what we’re working with.

If you were involved in a rear-end collision, your injuries may not be all that severe. You might sustain a whiplash injury and recover in several weeks. However, if you were hit head-on by another vehicle, it could be months before you’re able to resume your normal activities. We like to be realistic when we give our patients an idea of what their recovery time will be.

Depending on the nature and severity of your injuries, it will take several months before you are back to your normal self. As long as you trust in the process and you’re honest with your practitioners about your level of pain, you should have a safe and healthy recovery.

Every Patient Is Different When it Comes to Recovery Time

We believe that everybody is different when it comes to their injuries and their recovery time. When a new patient comes to our Atlanta treatment center, we like to do a thorough assessment so we can determine what the best course of treatment will be. However, there are certain factors that can impact how long your recovery will take.

For example, younger people do tend to recover much more quickly than older people. The same is true for people who are in good physical shape. They normally recover almost twice as quickly as somebody who may not be in the best physical shape. Once we get a chance to do a thorough initial assessment, we will have a much better idea of how long your recovery may take.

A driver with car accident injuries after a crash

Did You Already Receive Treatment for Your Car Accident Injuries?

When you come in for your initial assessment, our practitioners will need to know what treatment you have already received. For example, if you suffered a knee injury in your car accident, you may have already had surgery on your knee. Your doctor may have told you that you need physical therapy for a certain period of time. Or you may not have had surgery and you’re not quite sure what to do next.

Our goal is to figure out where you’ve been and where you are now. This way, we can assess the seriousness of your car accident injuries and work with you to find a recovery plan that works for you. For example, we don’t want to pressure anybody into undergoing chiropractic care if they don’t want to do that. At the same time, it doesn’t leave us with many options if you are reluctant to participate in your rehabilitation.

It’s best that you come to us with an open mind so that we can figure out what the best road to recovery is for you. Since every patient is different and every injury is different, we will not know right away how quickly you’ll respond to treatment.

As much as we would love to tell our clients that they will be fully healed by a certain date, that wouldn’t be fair to anybody. It’s not fair to give you unrealistic expectations and it is not fair to expect miracles out of our practitioners. As long as you participate in your treatment plan and show up for your appointments, you should be able to resume your normal life in a reasonable period of time.

Your Best Option is to Come Into Our Atlanta Treatment Center for an Initial Assessment

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, you probably walked away with some serious injuries. Even people involved in a minor crash, such as a rear- and collision, often suffer broken bones, lacerations, and other injuries. While some people recover in a matter of days, it can take other people weeks or even months to get back on their feet.

At our Atlanta treatment center, the goal was to get our patients back to their normal life as quickly as possible. However, it really depends on the nature and extent of your injuries. For example, it takes weeks for some people to heal from whiplash. Other people suffer serious back injuries and are back on their feet in a matter of a month. Everybody heals at a different rate, and everybody responds to treatment differently.

We suggest you contact our office so that we can conduct an initial assessment. This will give us an idea of just how serious your car accident injuries are. It also gives us an opportunity to review what treatment you’ve already received. Many times, by the time a patient reaches our office, they have already been treated at the emergency room or the hospital.

You may have already received surgery and now you’re just looking for a safe and healthy recovery. The good news is that our office offers state-of-the-art treatment and a variety of therapies so that we can customize your treatment plan. As long as you participate and do your best to get back on your feet, we promise that we will do everything we can to help you with a safe and speedy recovery.