Employment during the course of receiving treatment for a severe car accident injury.

One of the most difficult things about being involved in a serious car accident is not being able to work. Most people today live paycheck to paycheck. They can hardly afford to go weeks or even months without a paycheck. By the time people come to our treatment center in Atlanta, they have usually been out of work for a while.

They are anxious to get back to work. Not only do they need the income, but they also just want to get back to normal. Sometimes, when you suffer a serious car accident injury, it can take months before you’re ready to work again. It depends on the type of injury and on the kind of work you do.

When our new clients ask us how long it’ll be before they can return to work, we do our best to give them an answer. However, the truth is that everybody responds to treatment differently. Some people heal in a matter of weeks while others need months before they’re back on their feet.

Here, we’ll discuss the factors that impact your ability to work while undergoing treatment for a car accident injury. If you still have questions regarding your own case, give our office a call. We can schedule a time for you to come in for your initial assessment. This will give the practitioners at our treatment center in Atlanta a better idea of when you’ll be able to go back to work.

Have You Worked at All Since Your Car Accident?

One of the first things your practitioner will ask is whether you have worked at all since your car accident. If you were back to work prior to coming to our treatment center in Atlanta, it may not be long before you are back on your game. If you haven’t worked at all since before the accident, that’s another story entirely.

In order for our office to have a better idea of when you can return to work, we need to determine the nature and extent of your car accident injury. Different injuries require different types of treatment. For example, if you suffered a knee injury, you may be able to return to work in a week or two.

As long as your work isn’t physically demanding, you might be okay. However, if you suffer a serious bodily injury to your neck or back, it may take a lot longer for you to be 100% healed.

Our Treatment Center in Atlanta Helps Our Clients Get Back on Their Feet

Our ultimate goal is to help our patients get back on their feet. The practitioners at our treatment center in Atlanta understand how hard it is to sit at home feeling idle. While most of us would enjoy a week or two off from work, it gets old after a while.

Plus, if you aren’t being paid for the days you miss, you will start to become frustrated and angry really soon. That’s the last thing we want to see happen. This is why we do our best to get you fully healed and on the road to recovery starting with our first session.

Of course, everybody’s body responds to treatment differently. For example, if you are in prime physical shape, you will heal faster from your car accident injury than somebody who is overweight or who has pre-existing medical conditions. The same thing is true regarding age.

In our experience, the younger the patient, the more quickly they recover. Young bodies are more resilient and respond to treatment a lot better than older bodies. When you come to our treatment center in Atlanta for your initial assessment, we will have a better idea of what your recovery may look like.

Paramedics a car accident victim on a backboard

What Kind of Serious Car Accident Injury Did You Suffer?

Obviously, whether you can go back to work depends on the type of serious bodily injury you suffered. Back and neck injuries tend to take a lot longer to heal than wrist or ankle injuries. With a back injury, you may need to undergo long-term chiropractic care. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work.

A lot of our clients continue to receive chiropractic care long after they return to work. Other patients do not respond to this type of treatment and undergo a variety of treatments instead. The type of treatment you need and the type of injury you suffered will determine how long it takes for you to get back to work.

It Also Depends on the Kind of Work You Do for a Living

Whether or not you can return to work depends a great deal on the kind of work you do. If you suffer a serious car accident injury, you will have to wait before returning to a physically demanding job like construction.

But if you work as an accountant, you can probably return to work right away as long as you’re not in the hospital and can sit up comfortably. Of course, you may have to work from home at first.

Getting to and from work may be a challenge. Or you may want to start out by working part-time hours. This way, you can still make it to your appointments at our treatment center in Atlanta. It also gives you time to practice any therapeutic exercises your practitioner assigns you.

Contact Our Treatment Center in Atlanta for Your Initial Assessment

We suggest you contact our treatment center in Atlanta as soon as possible so you can get your initial assessment done. This will give us a much better idea of the nature and extent of your serious car accident injury.

Once we design your treatment plan, you will have a better idea of whether you’ll have time to work. Some patients need much more rigorous treatment than others. At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure you’re ready to get back on your feet and tackle the world as quickly and as safely as possible.


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