Slip and Fall: How Soon Should I See a Chiropractor Afterward?

Falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits in the United States. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls are responsible for about 1 million visits to the emergency room annually. While anyone can be a victim of a slip and fall, it appears that older individuals are more likely to fall, with one in three people over the age of 65 experiencing a fall. If you’ve recently been involved in a slip and fall, you can get a medical evaluation from competent medical professionals in Georgia.

Why Should You See a Chiropractor After a Slip and Fall?

Many people will opt against a medical evaluation after a slip and fall, especially if they feel okay. However, you should see a chiropractor after an accident regardless of how you feel. Doing this has some benefits, which we’ll examine below.

Some severe injuries like concussions, whiplash, and head injuries may not always be evident. Deciding not to get medical help because you feel fine could have devastating consequences further down the line.

Below are reasons to see a chiropractor after a slip and fall accident.

It Reveals Hidden Injuries

Not all slip and fall injuries are immediately visible. After an accident, your body sends a surge of adrenaline through you. As a result, you may not feel pain and wrongly assume that you are not injured. Some people refuse to see a chiropractor because they can’t see any visible injury, but some injuries take time to show. However, they can be detected by closer examination. This could save your life when dealing with potentially fatal injuries.

Visiting the Chiropractor Provides Evidence of Your Injuries

If it turns out that you are injured, you may wish to pursue personal injury claims. Doing so successfully will require that you provide evidence to support your claim. But how do you do that when you have not visited the chiropractor?

Visiting a chiropractor provides you with valuable evidence that you need to move forward with your personal injury claim or lawsuit. For example, the chiropractor’s report will show when you visited, thus linking the accident and your injuries. In addition, a copy of prescriptions you were given and receipts for payments made bolster your claim.

Reveals How Serious Your Injuries Are

The major purpose for visiting a chiropractor after an injury should always be to ensure you are in great health. In addition to revealing hidden injuries, visiting a chiropractor after a slip and fall will show how serious your injuries are. Consequently, you will be able to get the right treatments. In addition, knowing the extent of your injuries also helps if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

Protects Potential Claims

As we pointed out previously, some injuries take time to show up. Someone who thinks all is well may go about until they realize that there’s a problem. By this time, they may decide to pursue a personal injury claim.

However, the defendant or insurance company could devalue or deny your claim by pointing out that you didn’t take the necessary steps to ensure you are in perfect health. They could also argue that your injuries were suffered after the accident and not as a result of the first occurrence. Rather than help the defendant devalue your claim, you should do everything necessary to protect yourself.

How Soon Should You See a Chiropractor After a Slip and Fall?

There are no laws stipulating how soon you should see a chiropractor. However, at this point, you understand that seeing a chiropractor is for your benefit. Therefore, ensure you see a chiropractor as soon as you can. Ideally, this should be done within 72 hours of said accident.

Get Professional Medical Help at Hurt911 Injury Centers

You may be tempted to skip getting a medical evaluation after a slip and fall. However, that could be a costly decision. After the adrenaline that is often released in stressful situations wears off, you may be left with a severe injury that has worsened due to neglect. Worse still, that neglect could damage your health and potentially endanger your life. Therefore, you must visit a chiropractor as soon as you can.

At Hurt911 Injury Centers, we strive to treat our patients with the highest quality of care. This affects all that we do and begins with our hiring process. However, we also take it a step further. Knowing that some of our patients may wish to file personal injury claims, we have partnered with law firms in Atlanta to ensure that you get complete care. So get in touch with us today to get yourself examined.